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Colin William George Gibson
Born(1891-02-16)February 16, 1891
Hamilton, Ontario
DiedJuly 3, 1974(1974-07-03) (aged 83)
Service/branchRoyal Fusiliers 1914-1919
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry 1929-1934
Years of service1911–1919
RankLieutenant-Colonel 1929-1934
Commandant 1935-1938
Other workCanadian politician, land surveyor and lawyer

Colin William George Gibson, PC (February 16, 1891 – July 3, 1974) was a Canadian politician, land surveyor and lawyer.


He graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario in 1911 (cadet # 805). He served with the Royal Fusiliers in 1914 and graduated from the University of Toronto in 1915 where he was a Member of Alpha Delta Phi.[1] He was lieutenant-colonel of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry from 1929 to 1934. He practiced law from 1919. He was a founding member of the Royal Military College of Canada ex-cadet club in Hamilton, Ontario in 1930. He became Commandant of Hamilton Garrison from 1935 to 1939.

As Member of Parliament for Hamilton West, he was reelected three times from 1940.03.26 to 1950. He was first elected as the Liberal Member of Parliament for Hamilton West in 1940, with 55.9% of the vote in a two candidate race. Following his election, he was appointed as Minister of National Revenue (1940.07.08 - 1945.03.07). Near the end of his first term, he was also appointed as the acting and later permanent Minister of National Defence for Air (1945.03.08 - 1946.12.11).[2] He served as Secretary of State (1948.11.15 - 1949.03.31) and (1946.12.12 - 1948.11.14). He was Minister for Mines and Resources (1949.04.01 - 1950.01.17).

Following his re-election with 40.2% of the vote (in a three-way, four-party race), he continued as Minister of National Defence for Air (1945.01.11 - 1945.03.07). He was made the Secretary of State for Canada (1948.11.15 - 1949.03.31) and (1946.12.12 - 1948.11.14). Just before the end of his second term, he was moved to the post of Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources (Canada) (1949.04.01 - 1950.01.17).[2]

He continued in this post after he was re-elected in 1949 (with 43.5% of the vote). He resigned from both cabinet and parliament upon his appointment as Puisne judge of the Supreme Court of Ontario. He died in 1974.


Gibson was the son of Major General Sir John Morison Gibson, former Attorney General of Ontario. His son, Colin D. Gibson, held the riding of Hamilton—Wentworth from 1968 to 1972.


The Gibson Medal at the Royal Military College of Canada is awarded to the top graduating student in the Arts Division.


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Parliament of Canada
Preceded by
John Allmond Marsh
Member for Hamilton West
Succeeded by
Ellen Fairclough
Preceded by
Angus Lewis Macdonald
Minister of National Defence for Air
Succeeded by
None - position abolished