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Colt C-19, C19 Ranger Rifle
TypeBolt action rifle
Place of originCanada (Colt Canada)
Service history
In service2018
Used byCanada
Production history
ManufacturerColt Canada
Unit costCA$2,500
No. built6,500 (2016)
Mass4.0 kg (8.8 lb)
Length102.0 cm (40.2 in)
Barrel length51.0 cm (20.1 in)

Cartridge7.62×51mm NATO/.308 Winchester
Actionbolt action; two locking lug T3
Rate of fire30 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity790 m/s (2,600 ft/s)
Effective firing range100–600 m (110–660 yd) sight adjustments
Feed system10-round detachable box magazine
SightsRear: rotating diopter drum; front: hooded post quick acquisition iron sights[1][2]

The Colt C19 is a licence-built, Finnish-designed Tikka T3 CTR bolt action rifle modified for the Canadian Rangers. The C19 replaces the longer and heavier Lee-Enfield No. 4 rifles in service since 1947.

The rifles are mainly used for self-defence against large North American carnivores like polar bears, and for personal survival as regional surveillance missions are often conducted for extended periods in remote areas, requiring the Rangers to hunt for food. Further the rifles are expected to operate in temperatures ranging from −51 to 39 °C (−60 to 102 °F) with moderate to high humidity and be resistant to corrosion from long-term exposure to salt laden air and water.

According to SAKO, production commenced in mid-2016, with rifle trials into 2017 and the full complement are expected to be delivered by the end of 2019.[needs update]

Design details[edit]

The C19 has the following modifications from the original Tikka T3 CTR:[3]

  • Larger bolt handle and enlarged trigger guard to accommodate gloved hands
  • Protected front and rear iron sights
  • Laminated stock in unique red colour with Ranger badge
  • Two-stage trigger with three-position safety

The receiver top has a NATO Accessory Rail for mounting accessories like aiming elements or optics. The free-floating, hammer-forged threaded barrel and other critical components are made of stainless steel. The buttstock is manufactured from plywood laminates. Such engineered woods are stronger and resist warping better than the conventional one-piece patterns, do not require lengthy maturing, and are cheaper. Further the buttstock can be lengthened by adding spacers.

The Colt C19 is equipped with iron sights that consist of a rear sight element mounted on the rear receiver containing a rotary drum protected by sturdy "ears" and a semi-hooded front post. The rear sight is mechanically adjustable for elevation, and features six apertures calibrated for 0–500 m (0–547 yd) in 100 m (110 yd) increments.

The C19 is capable of chambering not only in-service 7.62×51mm NATO ammunition such as the Ball C21 147-grain (9.5 g) cartridge, but also commercially available .308 Winchester ammunition like the 180 gr (11.7 g) Nosler Accubond hunting ammunition issued to the Canadian Rangers, simplifying the Canadian Armed Forces' supply chain.

The C19 rifle is being supplied with a soft transport case, Pelican hard transport case, cleaning kit, sling, and trigger lock.

Tikka T3x Arctic civilian version[edit]

In 2017 Tikka introduced the Tikka T3x Arctic model in their regular commercial line, which is the civilian version of the Colt C19. Tikka T3x Arctic rifles lack the crest of the Canadian Rangers depicted on the stocks of C-19 service rifles. They are also more orange in colour than the red of the service rifle. The T3x also comes with the commercial version bolt shroud and cocking piece, lacks the multi-position QD sling loops of the C-19. Rather being fitted with Uncle Mikes mounting studs on the underside.[4][5][6]


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