Columbus Channel

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Columbus Channel
TnT Icacos Beach 2.jpg
View over the Columbus Channel from Icacos, Trinidad.
Columbus Channel is located in Trinidad and Tobago
Columbus Channel
Columbus Channel
Columbus Channel is located in Caribbean
Columbus Channel
Columbus Channel
LocationGulf of PariaCaribbean Sea (Atlantic Ocean)
Coordinates10°00′N 61°30′W / 10.000°N 61.500°W / 10.000; -61.500Coordinates: 10°00′N 61°30′W / 10.000°N 61.500°W / 10.000; -61.500
Basin countries Venezuela
 Trinidad and Tobago

The Serpent's Mouth or Columbus Channel, in Spanish Boca de la Serpiente, is a strait lying between Icacos Point in southwest Trinidad and Tobago and the north coast of Venezuela. It leads from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Paria.


Quinam bay, Columbus Channel, South Coast, Trinidad & Tobago.

The passage was named by Christopher Columbus on his third voyage.[1]


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