Combat of Padrões de Teixeira

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Combat of Padrões de Teixeira
Part of the Peninsular War
DateEnd of June 1808
Teixeira, Baião, Portugal
Result Portuguese victory, French retreat to Almeida
Portugal Portugal France French Empire
Commanders and leaders
Portugal Francisco da Silveira France Louis Henri Loison
Numerous peasants 1800 soldiers
Casualties and losses
- Considerable losses

The Combat of Padrões de Teixeira took place at the end of June 1808, during the First French Invasion of Portugal. The revolt against the French forces started in June 1808. Junot ordered General Loison to march on to Porto, with 1800 soldiers from Almeida.

On the 21 June, Loison crossed the Douro river. In the mountainous regions of northern Portugal, Francisco da Silveira assembled a force of numerous peasants ready to fight the French force. The combat inflicted considerable losses to the French force, Portuguese losses are unknown.

After the combat, Loison decided to retreat to Almeida. He met resistance again at Castro Daire, between Lamego and Viseu, which ended with 400 dead and wounded on both sides.