Combatants' Party

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Combatants' Party

Partito dei Combattenti
HeadquartersRome, Italy
IdeologyItalian nationalism
Veteran interests
Political positionRight-wing

The Combatants' Party (Italian: Partito dei Combattenti, PdC) was a nationalist political party in Italy, whose aim was to protect the interests of First World War veterans.


It was formed for the 1919 general election and gained 4.1% of the vote and 20 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. The party joined the leftist Italian Socialist Party of Nicola Bombacci as part of the opposition against the Christian democrat/Liberal majority.

By the 1921 election it had declined and won only 1.7% of the vote and 10 seats.[1] This time they joined the governing coalition of the right headed up by the Italian People's Party and the National Blocs.

The party later took part to the governments of Benito Mussolini until 1923 when the government transformed the party into the National Association of Combatants and Veterans (Associazione Nazionale Combattenti e Reduci, ANCR).

Electoral results[edit]

Chamber of Deputies
Election year Votes % Seats +/− Leader
1919 232,923 (6th) 4.1
20 / 508
1921 113,839 (10th) 1.7
10 / 535
Decrease 10


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