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Rank comparison chart of all navies of European states. Some European countries do not have naval forces, either because they are landlocked Austria, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Luxembourg, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Slovakia, San Marino and the Vatican (enclaves with Italy), or naval duties provided by another state such as Monaco (provided by France), .

The Cyprus Navy is the naval branch of the Cypriot National Guard. NATO has a scheme for comparative ranks for member countries, non-NATO countries equivalence is determined against this system.

Enlisted (OR 1–9)[edit]

NATO code
OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1
 Albanian Naval Force
Navy-ALB-OR-9.svg Navy-ALB-OR-8.svg Navy-ALB-OR-7.svg Navy-ALB-OR-6.svg Navy-ALB-OR-5.svg Navy-ALB-OR-01.svg Navy-ALB-OR-01.svg Navy-ALB-OR-01.svg Navy-ALB-OR-01.svg
Master chief petty officer
Senior chief petty officer
Chief petty officer
Petty officer first class
Petty officer second class
Ushtar IV
Petty officer third class
Ushtar III
Ushtar II
Seaman apprentice
Ushtar I
Seaman recruit

Austria Austria No navy

Belarus Belarus No navy

 Belgian Navy
Navy-BEL-OR-09a maitre principal chef.svg Navy-BEL-OR-09b maitre principal.svg Navy-BEL-OR-08 1er maitre-chef.svg Navy-BEL-OR-07 1er maitre.svg Navy-BEL-OR-06a maitre chef.svg Navy-BEL-OR-06b maitre.svg Navy-BEL-OR-05 2e maitre.svg Navy-BEL-OR-04a 1er quartier-maitre-chef.svg Navy-BEL-OR-04b quartier-maitre-chef.svg Navy-BEL-OR-03 quartier-maitre.svg Navy-BEL-OR-02 1er matelot.svg Navy-BEL-OR-01 matelot.svg
Maître principal-Chef Maître-principal Premier-maître chef Premier maître Maître-chef Maître Second-maître 1er Quartier-maître-chef Quartier-maître-chef Quartier maître Premier matelot Matelot
Oppermeester-Chef Oppermeester Eerste meesterchef Eerste meester Meester-chef Meester Tweede meester Eerste kwartiermeester-chef Kwartiermeester-chef Kwartiermeester Eerste matroos Matroos

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina No navy

 Bulgarian Navy
Rank insignia of Офицерски кандидат of the Bulgarian Navy.png Rank insignia of Мичман of the Bulgarian Navy.png Rank insignia of Главен старшина of the Bulgarian Navy.png Rank insignia of Старшина I-ва степен of the Bulgarian Navy.png Rank insignia of Старшина II-ра степен of the Bulgarian Navy.png Rank insignia of Старши матрос of the Bulgarian Navy.png Rank insignia of Матрос of the Bulgarian Navy.png
Senior Michman
Офицерски кандидат
Chief Petty Officer
Главен старшина
Petty Officer First Class
Старшина 1 степен
Petty Officer Second Class
Старшина 2 степен
Leading Seaman
Старши матрос

 Croatian Navy
Rukav zimske odore časničkog namjesnika HRM.svg Rukav zimske odore stožernog narednika HRM.svg Rukav zimske odore nadnarednika HRM.svg Rukav zimske odore narednika HRM.svg Rukav zimske odore desetnika HRM.svg Rukav zimske odore skupnika HRM.svg Rukav zimske odore razvodnika HRM.svg Rukav zimske odore pozornika HRM.svg No insignia
Časnički namjesnik Stožerni narednik Nadnarednik Narednik Desetnik Skupnik Razvodnik Pozornik Mornar

Czech Republic Czech Republic No navy

 Royal Danish Navy
Rank insignia of Søværnschefsergent of the Royal Danish Navy.svg Rank insignia of chefsergent of the Royal Danish Navy.svg Rank insignia of seniorsergent of the Royal Danish Navy.svg Rank insignia of oversergent of the Royal Danish Navy.svg No equivalent Rank insignia of sergent of the Royal Danish Navy.svg Rank insignia of værnepligtig sergent of the Royal Danish Navy.svg Rank insignia of korporal of the Royal Danish Navy.svg Rank insignia of marinespecialist of the Royal Danish Navy.svg Rank insignia of marineoverkonstabel of the Royal Danish Navy.svg Rank insignia of marinekonstabel of the Royal Danish Navy.svg
Søværnschefsergent Chefsergent Seniorsergent Oversergent Sergent Sergent SØ Korporal Marinespecialist Marineoverkonstabel Marinekonstabel

 Estonian Navy
Mereväeülemveebel.png Mereväestaabiveebel.png Mereväevanemveebel.png Mereväeveebel.png Mereväenooremveebel.png Mereväevanemmaat.png Mereväemaat.png Mereväenooremaat.png No equivalent Mereväevanemmadrus.png Mereväemadrus.png
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
Master Chief Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Chief petty officer, 1st class
Chief petty officer, 2nd class
Petty Officer First Class
Petty Officer Second Class
Petty Officer Third Class
Leading Seaman

 French Navy
French Navy-Rama NG-SO5.svg French Navy-Rama NG-SO4.svg French Navy-Rama NG-SO3.svg No equivalent French Navy-Rama NG-SO2.svg French Navy-Rama NG-SO1.svg French Navy-Rama NG-M3.svg French Navy-Rama NG-M2.svg French Navy-Rama NG-M1.svg French Navy-Rama NG-M1.svg
Major Maître principal Premier maître Maître Second-Maître Quartier-maître de 1ère classe Quartier-maître de 2ème classe Matelot breveté Matelot

 Finnish Navy
Sotilasmestari l hihalaatta.svg Ylipursimies hihalaatta.svg Pursimies hihalaatta.svg Ylikersantti l hihalaatta.svg Kersantti l hihalaatta.svg Alikersantti l hihalaatta.svg Ylimatruusi hihalaatta.svg Matruusi hihalaatta.svg No insignia
Sotilasmestari Militärmästare Ylipursimies Överbåtsman Pursimies Båtsman Ylikersantti Översergeant Kersantti Sergeant Alikersantti Undersergeant Ylimatruusi Övermatros Matruusi Matros Alokas Rekryt

Georgia (country) Georgia No navy

 German Navy
MDS 35 Oberstaabsbootsmann 20.svg MDS 34 Staabsbootsmann 10.svg MDS 33 Hauptbootsmann 70.svg MDS 32 Oberbootsmann 60.svg MDS 31 Bootsmann 30.svg MDS 22 Obermaat 30.svg MDS 21 Maat 10.svg MDS 16 Oberstabsgefreiter 70 L.svg MDS 15 Stabsgefreiter 60 L.svg MDS 14 Hauptgefreiter 50 L.svg MDS 13 Obergefreiter 30 L.svg MDS 12 Gefreiter 20 L.svg MDS 11 Matrose 10 L.svg
Oberstabsbootsmann Stabsbootsmann Hauptbootsmann Oberbootsmann Bootsmann Obermaat Maat Oberstabsgefreiter Stabsgefreiter Hauptgefreiter Obergefreiter Gefreiter Matrose
 German Navy
(Officer designate)
No equivalent
MDS 33a Oberfähnrich zur See Trp.svg MDS 31a Fähnrich zur See Trp.svg MDS 21a Seekadett Trp.svg No equivalent
Oberfähnrich zur See Fähnrich zur See Seekadett

 Hellenic Navy
GR-Navy-Ανθυπασπιστής.svgGR-Navy-Ανθυπασπιστής-sleeve.svg GR-Navy-Μόνιμος Αρχικελευστής.svg GR-Navy-Αρχικελευστής ΕΜΘ.svg GR-Navy-Μόνιμος Επικελευστής.svg GR-Navy-Επικελευστής ΕΜΘ.svg GR-Navy-Μόνιμος Κελευστής.svg GR-Navy-Κελευστής ΕΜΘ.svg GR-Navy-Κελευστής ΕΠΟΠ.svg No equivalent GR-Navy-Δίοπος ΕΠΟΠ.svg
GR-Navy-Δίοπος ΕΠΟΠ-female.svg
No equivalent
GR-Navy-Ναύτης ΕΠΟΠ.svg
GR-Navy-Ναύτης ΕΠΟΠ-female.svg
Warrant Officer Master Chief Petty Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer Leading Seaman Seaman
Ανθυπασπιστής[note 1] Αρχικελευστής Επικελευστής Κελευστής Δίοπος Ναύτης
NATO code
OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1
Hungary Hungary No navy

 Icelandic Coast Guard
Iceland-Navy-OR-9.svg No equivalent Iceland-Navy-OR-7.svg No equivalent Iceland-Navy-OR-5.svg No equivalent Iceland-Navy-OR-3.svg Iceland-Navy-OR-2b.svg Iceland-Navy-OR-2a.svg Iceland-Navy-OR-1.svg
Petty officer/specialist
(after 12 years service)
Petty officer/specialist
(after 6 years service)
Petty officer/specialist Enlisted
(after 6 years service)
(after 3 years service)
(after 1 year service)

 Irish Naval Service
Ireland-Navy-OR-9.svg Ireland-Navy-OR-8.svg Ireland-Navy-OR-7.svg Ireland-Navy-OR-6.svg Ireland-Navy-OR-5.svg Ireland-Navy-OR-4.svg IE Navy Rank Insignia-AS.svg IE Navy Rank Insignia-OS.svg No insignia
Warrant officer
Oifigeach barántais
Senior chief petty officer
Ard-mhion-oifigeach sinsearach
Chief petty officer
Senior petty officer
Mion-oifigeach sinsearach
Petty officer
Leading seaman
Mairnéalach ceannais
Able seaman
Mairnéalach inniúil
Ordinary seaman
Seaman recruit

 Italian Navy
Rank insignia of primo maresciallo luogotenente of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of primo maresciallo of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of capo di prima classe of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of capo di seconda classe of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of capo di terza classe of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of secondo capo scelto of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of secondo capo of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of sergente of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of sottocapo di prima classe scelto of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of sottocapo di prima classe of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of sottocapo di seconda classe of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of sottocapo di terza classe of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of sottocapo of the Italian Navy.svg Rank insignia of comune di prima classe of the Italian Navy.svg No insignia
Luogotenente Primo Maresciallo Capo di Prima Classe Capo di Seconda Classe Capo di Terza Classe Secondo Capo Scelto Secondo Capo Sergente Sottocapo di Prima Classe Scelto Sottocapo di Prima Classe Sottocapo di seconda Classe Sottocapo di terza Classe Sottocapo Comune di Prima Classe Comune di Seconda Classe

Kosovo Kosovo No navy

 Latvian Naval Forces
Latvia-navy-1992 07.gif Latvia-navy-1992 06.gif Latvia-navy-1992 05.gif Latvia-navy-1992 04.gif Latvia-navy-1992 03.gif No insignia No equivalent
Vecākais virsniekvietnieks
Master Chief Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Vecākais bocmanis
Chief Petty Officer
First Seaman

Liechtenstein Liechtenstein No navy

 Lithuanian Naval Force
OR-9 vyresnysis laivūnas.jpg OR-8 laivūnas.jpg OR-7 štabo laivūnas specialistas.jpg OR-7 štabo laivūnas.jpg OR-6 vyresnysis seržantas specialistas.jpg OR-6 vyresnysis seržantas.jpg OR-5 seržantas specialistas.jpg OR-5 seržantas.jpg OR-4 grandinis.jpg OR-3 vyresnysis jūreivis.jpg OR-2 jūreivis.jpg OR-1 jaunesnysis jūreivis.jpg
Vyresnysis laivūnas Laivūnas Štabo laivūnas
Štabo laivūnas Vyresnysis seržantas
Vyresnysis seržantas Seržantas
Seržantas Grandinis Vyresnysis jūreivis Jūreivis Jaunesnysis jūreivis

Luxembourg Luxemburg No navy
North Macedonia Macedonia No navy

 Maritime Squadron of Malta
Malta-navy-OR-9.svg Malta-navy-OR-8.svg Malta-navy-OR-7.svg Malta-navy-OR-6.svg
Malta-navy-OR-4.svg Malta-navy-OR-3.svg No insignia
Warrant Officer Class 1 Warrant Officer Class 2 Staff Sergeant Sergeant Bombadier Lance Bombadier Gunner
(or equivalent)

Moldova Moldova No navy

Monaco Monaco No navy

 Montenegrin Navy
09-Montenegro Navy-CWO.svg 08-Montenegro Navy-WO.svg 07-Montenegro Navy-SSFC.svg 06-Montenegro Navy-SSG.svg 05-Montenegro Navy-SFC.svg 04-Montenegro Navy-SGT.svg 03-Montenegro Navy-JSG.svg 02-Montenegro Navy-CPL.svg 01-Montenegro Navy-LCP.svg No equivalent
Zastavnik 1 Klase Zastavnik Stariji Vodnik 1 Klase Stariji Vodnik Vodnik 1 Klase Vodnik Mlađi Vodnik Desetar Razvodnik

 Royal Netherlands Navy
Netherlands-Navy-OR-7.svg Netherlands-Navy-OR-5.svg
Netherlands-Navy-OR-2b.svg Netherlands-Navy-OR-2a.svg Netherlands-Navy-OR-1.svg
Adjudant onderofficer/
Opperschipper (deckservice)
Schipper (deckservice)
Bootsman (deckservice)
Kwartiermeester (deckservice)
Marinier der 1e klasse
Marinier der 2e klasse
Marinier der 3e klasse

 Royal Norwegian Navy
Or9 sjø.png OR9 sjo.png Or8 sjø.png Or7 sjø.png Or6 sjø.png Or5 2 sjø.png Or5 1 sjø.png OR4b NOR - Konstabel kl 1.png OR4b NOR - Konstabel.png OR3b NOR - Ledende visekonstabel.png OR2b NOR - Visekonstabel.png Norway-Navy-OR-1b.svg Norway-Navy-OR-1a.svg
Sjefsmester Flaggmester Orlogsmester Flotiljemester Skvadronmester Senior Kvartermester Kvartermester Ledende Konstabel Konstabel Senior Visekonstabel Visekonstabel Ledende menig Menig

 Polish Navy
POL PMW pagon1 starszy chorąży sztabowy marynarki.svg POL PMW pagon1 starszy chorąży marynarki.svg POL PMW pagon1 chorąży marynarki.svg POL PMW pagon1 młodszy chorąży marynarki.svg POL PMW pagon1 starszy bosman.svg POL PMW pagon1 bosman.svg POL PMW pagon1 bosmanmat.svg POL PMW pagon1 starszy mat.svg POL PMW pagon1 mat.svg POL PMW pagon1 starszy marynarz.svg POL PMW pagon1 marynarz.svg
Starszy chorąży sztabowy marynarki Starszy chorąży marynarki Chorąży marynarki Młodszy chorąży marynarki Starszy bosman Bosman Bosmanmat Starszy mat Mat Starszy marynarz Marynarz
NATO code
OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1
 Portuguese Navy
POR-Navy-OR9.svg POR-Navy-OR8.svg POR-Navy-OR7.svg 8 - Primeiro-sargento (Marinha).svg 7 - Segundo-sargento (Marinha).svg 6 - Primerio-subsargento.svg 5 - Segundo-subsargento.svg 4 - Cabo.svg
(same sleeve insignia as Master Seaman)
4 - Cabo.svg 3 - Primeiro-marinheiro.svg 2 - Segundo-marinheiro.svg No insignia
Sargento-mor Sargento-chefe Sargento-ajudante Primeiro-sargento Segundo-sargento Primerio-subsargento Segundo-subsargento Cabo-mor Cabo Primeiro-marinheiro Segundo-marinheiro Grumete

 Romanian Naval Forces

Chief Petty Officer Of The Ship Command Master Chief Petty Officer Master Chief Petty Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer Petty Officer Leading Seaman Able Seaman Seaman

 Russian Navy
RAF N W2-StMichm 2010–.svg RAF N W1-Michm 2010–.svg RAF N R8-GlKorStarsh 2010–.svg RAF N R7-GlStarsh 2010–.svg RAF N R6-Starsh1st 2010–.svg RAF N R4-Starsh2st 2010–.svg RAF N R2-StMatros 2010–.svg RAF N R1-Matros 2010–.svg
Senior michman
(Старший мичман)
Glavny starshina of the ship
(Главный корабельный старшина)
Glavny starshina
(Главный старшина)
Starshina 1st stage
(Старшина 1 статьи)
Starshina 2nd class
(Старшина 2 статьи)
Starshiy matros
(Старший матрос)

San Marino San Marino No navy

 Serbian River Flotilla
08-Serbian Navy-WO1.svg 07-Serbian Navy-WO2.svg 06-Serbian Navy-SSFC.svg 05-Serbian Navy-SSG.svg 04-Serbian Navy-SGT.svg 03-Serbian Navy-JSG.svg 02-Serbian Navy-CPL.svg 01-Serbian Navy-PVT.svg No insignia
Ensign, 1st class
(Заставник I класе)
Senior chief petty officer
(Старији Водник I класе)
Chief petty officer
(Старији Водник)
Petty officer
Master seaman
(Млађи водник)
Leading seaman
Able seaman
Seaman recruit

Slovakia Slovakia No navy

 Slovenian Navy
Slovenia-Navy-OR-9c.svg Slovenia-Navy-OR-9b.svg Slovenia-Navy-OR-9a.svg Slovenia-Navy-OR-8b.svg Slovenia-Navy-OR-8a.svg Slovenia-Navy-OR-7.svg Slovenia-Navy-OR-6.svg Slovenia-Navy-OR-5.svg Slovenia-Navy-OR-4.svg Slovenia-Navy-OR-3.svg Slovenia-Navy-OR-2.svg Slovenia-Navy-OR-1.svg
Chief Warrant Officer
Višji štabni praporščak
Senior Warrant Officer
Štabni praporščak
First Warrant Officer
Višji praporščak
Second Warrant Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer
Višji štabni vodnik
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Štabni vodnik
Chief Petty Officer
Višji vodnik
Petty Officer
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Seaman first class

 Spanish Navy
12arm.png 13arm.png 14arm.png 15arm.png 16arm.png 17arm.png 18arm.png 19arm.png 20arm.png 21arm.png
Suboficial mayor Subteniente Brigada Sargento primero Sargento Cabo mayor Cabo primero Cabo Marinero de primera Marinero

 Swedish Navy
Sweden-Navy-OR-9 (2019).svg Sweden-Navy-OR-8 (2019).svg Sweden-Navy-OR-7 (2019).svg Sweden-Navy-OR-6b (2019).svg Sweden-Navy-OR-6a (2019).svg Sweden-Navy-OR-5b (2019).svg Sweden-Navy-OR-5a (2019).svg Sweden-Navy-OR-4 (2019).svg Sweden-Navy-OR-3 (2019).svg Sweden-Navy-OR-2b (2019).svg Sweden-Navy-OR-2a (2019).svg
Sweden-Navy-OR-1c (2019).svg Sweden-Navy-OR-1b (2019).svg Sweden-Navy-OR-1a (2019).svg
Menig 2 Menig 1 Menig
Flottiljförvaltare Förvaltare Fanjunkare Översergeant Sergeant Överfurir Furir Korpral Vicekorpral Menig 4 Menig 3

 Turkish Naval Forces
Navy-TUR-OR-09.svg Navy-TUR-OR-08.svg Navy-TUR-OR-07a.svg Navy-TUR-OR-07b.svg Navy-TUR-OR-06a.svg Navy-TUR-OR-06b.svg TR-Navy-OR5a.svg TR-Armed Forces-OR5b.svg Navy-TUR-OR-05.svg TR-Navy-OR4a.svg TR-Armed Forces-OR4b.svg Navy-TUR-OR-04.svg No insignia
Astsubay Kıdemli
Astsubay Kıdemli
Astsubay Kıdemli
Kıdemli Uzman
Çavuş Kıdemli Uzman
Onbaşı Er

 Ukrainian Navy
Ukraine-Navy-OR-9b.svg Ukraine-Navy-OR-9a.svg Ukraine-Navy-OR-8.svg Ukraine-Navy-OR-7.svg Ukraine-Navy-OR-6.svg Ukraine-Navy-OR-5.svg Ukraine-Navy-OR-4.svg Ukraine-Navy-OR-3.svg Ukraine-Navy-OR-2.svg Ukraine-Navy-OR-1.svg
Chief Master Petty Officer
Головний майстер-старшина
Senior Master Petty Officer
Старший майстер-старшина
Master Petty Officer
Staff Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Головний корабельний старшина
Chief Petty Officer
Головний старшина
Petty Officer 1st class
Старшина 1-ої статті
Petty Officer 2nd class
Старшина 2ої статті
Leading Seaman
Старший матрос

 Royal Navy
British Royal Navy OR-9.svg British Royal Navy OR-8.svg British Royal Navy OR-7.svg British Royal Navy OR-6.svg
British Royal Navy OR-4.svg No equivalent British Royal Navy OR-2.svg No equivalent
Warrant officer class 1 Warrant officer class 2
(phased out 2014)
Chief petty officer Petty officer Leading rating Able rating

 Corps of Royal Marines
British Corps Regimental Sergeant Major.svg British Royal Marines OR-9.svg British Royal Marines OR-8.svg British Royal Marines OR-7.svg British Royal Marines OR-6.svg
British Royal Marines OR-4.svg British Royal Marines OR-3.svg No equivalent No insignia
Warrant officer class 1 Warrant officer class 2 Colour sergeant Sergeant Corporal Lance corporal Marine

Vatican City Vatican City No navy
NATO code
OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1


  1. ^ Greece has only one level of warrant officer. According to the current issue (2010) of STANAG 2116, the Greek warrant officers are included in OR-9; however, they are afforded the privileges of an officer. See STANAG 2116 note 16.


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