Complexe Desjardins

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Complexe Desjardins
Complexe Desjardins (South Tower).JPG
The south tower (centre), flanked by the Hyatt Hotel (left) and the east tower (right) of Complexe Desjardins.
General information
Architectural styleModern
LocationMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Address150, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Coordinates45°30′27″N 73°33′52″W / 45.5075°N 73.5644°W / 45.5075; -73.5644Coordinates: 45°30′27″N 73°33′52″W / 45.5075°N 73.5644°W / 45.5075; -73.5644
Roof152 m (499 ft)
Technical details
Floor count87 (12/18/23/31)
Floor area418,154 m2
Design and construction
ArchitectDarling, Pearson and Cleveland
Exhibition in the Atrium

Complexe Desjardins is a mixed-use office, hotel, and shopping mall complex located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in the Quartier des spectacles area of Saint Catherine Street.[3][4][5] The project was designed to develop the eastern end of downtown Montreal, it is located in the quadrilateral formed by Saint Catherine, Saint-Urbain, Jeanne Mance and René Lévesque Boulevard.

Its architectural design consists of several towers housing offices of the Desjardins Group, Quebec Government offices and other companies, as well as a hotel, linked by an atrium shopping centre anchored by IGA. This design produces the effect of an indoor square.

The Complexe Desjardins is connected by the underground city to Place des Arts and the Place-des-Arts Metro station to the north, and the Complexe Guy-Favreau, the Palais des congrès de Montréal, and Place-d'Armes Metro station to the south.

The hotel in the complex opened as the Hotel Meridien Montreal in 1976. It was later renamed the Wyndham Montreal, then the Hyatt Regency Montreal in 2003,[6] then the DoubleTree by Hilton Montreal in December 2018.[7]


Name Height Floors Year Notes
Tour Nord (North Tower) 108 m (354 ft) 27 floors 1976 [4][8][9]
Tour Sud (South Tower) 152 m (499 ft) 40 floors 1976 [4][10][11]
Tour Est (East Tower) 130 m (430 ft) 32 floors 1976 [4][12][13]
DoubleTree by Hilton Montreal ca. 60 m (200 ft) 12 floors 1976 [4][14][15]

Monument à Alphonse Desjardins[edit]

Yves Trudeau's Monument à Alphonse Desjardins was located outside at the corner of S. Urbain and St. Catherine from 1975 to 1995, but since relocated to Parc Catchpaw in Longueuil, Quebec.

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