Cornish Aromatic

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Malus domestica Borkh 'Cornish Aromatic'
Cornish Aromatic apple.JPG
Cultivar'Cornish Aromatic'
Originintroduced 1813[1]
Cornish Aromatic apples on a tree

Cornish Aromatic is an apple cultivar with a crisp, nut-like aromatic flavour that was first recorded in Cornwall in 1813.[2][3]


According to the biologist Robert Hogg in his work "British Pomology"[4]

Fruit, above medium size, three inches wide, and two inches and three quarters high; roundish, angular, slightly flattened, and narrowing towards the eye. Skin, yellow on the shaded side, and covered with large patches of pale brown russet, which extend all over the base, and sprinkled with green and russety dots; but of a beautiful bright red, which is streaked with deeper red, and strewed with patches and dots of russet on the side exposed to the sun. Eye small and closed, with long flat segments, which are reflexed at the tips and set in an irregular basin. Stalk short, inserted in a deep and narrow cavity which is lined with russet. Flesh, yellowish, firm, crisp, juicy, rich, and highly aromatic. A valuable dessert apple of first-rate quality, in use from October to Christmas. The tree is a free grower and an excellent bearer.


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