Corrida de Houilles

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Corrida de Houilles
Corrida Houilles 2016 La course populaire.jpg
Corrida Houilles 2016
Datelate December
LocationHouilles, France
Event type10K run
Distance10 km
Course recordsMen: 27:12 (2019)
Kenya Daniel Ebenyo
Women: 30:32 (2019)
Kenya Norah Jeruto
Official siteCorrida de Houilles
Participants2,147 (2019)
2,257 (2018)

The Corrida de Houilles, officially Corrida pédestre internationale de Houilles (Houilles International Footrace), is an annual 10K run that takes place at the end of December in Houilles, France.

The competition was created in 1972 by Alexandre Joly, a French politician who would later become Mayor of Houilles. He was inspired by the Saint Silvester Road Race in São Paulo and decided to set up his own local race in his hometown with the same format – hosting the race on New Year's Eve. Initially a men's event only on a course of around 9 kilometres (5.6 mi), the race attracted high level competition from the beginning, with Poland's Bronisław Malinowski winning the 1974 race the same year as his gold medal win at the 1974 European Athletics Championships. Due to the race's growing popularity, the competition was divided into two segments: an elite-level race and a public race.[1][2]

Annick Loir was the first known women's winner in 1975, but a separate women's division (over around 6 kilometres (3.7 mi)) was not formally established until 1983. The race distances were set at 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) for both men and women from 1996 onwards, allowing the race to serve as a qualifier for the French 10 km championships. The date of the race has not always been 31 December due to organisational restrictions, but it is usually held within the final days of the year. No race was held in 1999 due to Cyclone Lothar and Martin. The races for 2000 and 2005 were held on New Year's Day instead.[1][2] The competition gained IAAF Bronze Label Road Race status in 2013[3] and IAAF Silver Label Road Race status in 2014.[4]

Top level athletes from both France and abroad have competed in Houilles. Jacky Boxberger had much success in the early days of the race, amassing four wins in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Morocco's Khalid Skah had a record eight wins from 1988 to 1997. Ethiopia's Ayelech Worku is the most successful woman at the race, having won four times consecutively from 1995 to 1998. Anpther Ethiopian woman had three straight wins from 2003 to 2006 Merima Denboba and Kenya's Micah Kogo achieved the same feat on the men's side from 2006 to 2008. The course records are 27:12 minutes for men (set by Daniel Ebenyo in 2019) and 30:32 minutes for women (set by Norah Jeruto in 2019). [2]

Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record   Around 9 km race   Around 6.2 km race

Edition Year Men's winner Time (m:s) Women's winner Time (m:s)
1st 1972  Jean-Yves Le Flohic (FRA) ? Not held
2nd 1973  Lucien Rault (FRA) 27:16
3rd 1974  Bronisław Malinowski (POL) 26:56
4th 1975  Jos Hermens (NED) 25:03  Annick Loir (FRA) ?
5th 1976  Markus Ryffel (SUI) 26:07 Not held
6th 1977  Jacky Boxberger (FRA) 26:18
7th 1978  Jacky Boxberger (FRA) 27:38
8th 1979  Jacky Boxberger (FRA) 26:55
9th 1980  Gerard Deegan (IRL) 26:46
10th 1981  Radhouane Bouster (FRA) 26:46
11th 1982  Jacky Boxberger (FRA) 26:43
12th 1983  Fernando Mamede (POR) 26:32  Francine Peeters (BEL) 20:26
13th 1984  Fernando Mamede (POR) 26:06  Sylvia Kerambrum (GBR) 21:30
14th 1985  Fernando Mamede (POR) 26:12  Ria Van Landeghem (BEL) 20:11
15th 1986  Paul Arpin (FRA) 26:19  Ingrid Delagrange (BEL) 20:55
16th 1987  Paul Arpin (FRA) 26:48  Linda Milo (BEL) 21:02
17th 1988  Khalid Skah (MAR) 26:35 ? ?
18th 1989  Khalid Skah (MAR) 26:48  Linda Milo (BEL) 21:27
19th 1990  Khalid Skah (MAR) 26:33 ? ?
20th 1991  Khalid Skah (MAR) 26:11  Zohra Koulou (FRA) 20:54
21st 1992  Khalid Skah (MAR) 26:13  Karen Hargrave (GBR) 20:41
22nd 1993  Khalid Skah (MAR) 26:29  Zohra Koulou (FRA) 21:08.0
23rd 1994  Haile Gebrselassie (ETH) 26:38  Elena Fidatov (ROM) 20:08.0
24th 1995  Khalid Skah (MAR) 26:50  Ayelech Worku (ETH) 20:28.0
25th 1996  El Hassan Lahssini (MAR) 28:20  Ayelech Worku (ETH) 33:39
26th 1997  Khalid Skah (MAR) 27:57  Ayelech Worku (ETH) 33:04
27th 1998  Girma Tolla (ETH) 28:12  Ayelech Worku (ETH) 33:29
28th 1999 Cancelled due to Cyclone Lothar and Martin
29th 2001 (Jan)  Sammy Kipketer (KEN) 28:31  Rakiya Maraoui (FRA) 33:59
30th 2001 (Dec)  Benjamin Limo (KEN) 28:38  Inês Monteiro (POR) 32:41
31st 2002  Sammy Kipketer (KEN) 28:02  Inês Monteiro (POR) 32:42
32nd 2003  Mulugeta Wendimu (ETH) 28:49  Merima Denboba (ETH) 32:43
33rd 2004  Jaouad Gharib (MAR) 28:29  Merima Denboba (ETH) 32:18
34th 2006 (Jan)  Sileshi Sihine (ETH) 28:23  Merima Denboba (ETH) 33:14
35th 2006 (Dec)  Micah Kogo (KEN) 28:16  Nadia Ejjafini (BHR) 32:32
36th 2007  Micah Kogo (KEN) 27:56  Nadia Ejjafini (BHR) 32:10
37th 2008  Micah Kogo (KEN) 28:04  Sylvia Kibet (KEN) 31:50
38th 2009  Joseph Ebuya (KEN) 28:35  Sule Utura (ETH) 32:23
39th 2010  Imane Merga (ETH) 27:47  Sule Utura (ETH) 32:01
40th 2011  Edwin Soi (KEN) 28:17  Margaret Muriuki (KEN) 31:29
41st 2012  Birhanu Legese (ETH) 28:23  Hirut Aga (ETH) 31:50
42nd 2013  Cornelius Kangogo (KEN) 27:58  Afera Godfay (ETH) 32:06
43rd 2014  Victor Chumo (KEN) 28:04  Peres Jepchirchir (KEN) 31:34
44th 2015  Cornelius Kangogo (KEN) 28:10  Zerfie Limeneh (ETH) 32:07
45th 2016  Cornelius Kangogo (KEN) 28:19  Viola Kibiwot (KEN) 31:14
46th 2017  Julien Wanders (SUI) 28:02  Stacy Ndiwa (KEN) 31:35
47th 2018  Julien Wanders (SUI) 27:25  Gete Alemayehu (ETH) 31:12
48th 2019  Daniel Ebenyo (KEN) 27:12  Norah Jeruto (KEN) 30:32


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