Costa Rica–Russia relations

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Costa Rica–Russia relations
Map indicating locations of Costa Rica and Russia

Costa Rica


Costa Rica–Russia relations (Russian: Российско-костариканские отношения) are the bilateral relationships between the countries Costa Rica and Russia. Each of the two countries has an embassy in the other's capital city, Moscow and San José.


The Soviet Union established diplomatic relations with Costa Rica on May 8, 1944.


Both countries are members of the United Nations, and since 2008, holders of a Russian passport need a visa to visit Costa Rica. With a tourist visa, Russians can stay in Costa Rica for a maximum of 30 days. In order to get a tourist visa, the person needs to apply for it in the closest Costa Rican embassy to where the person is living. He/she must have a valid passport and either have an invitation letter or a bank statement with enough money.

Holders of a Costa Rican passport also need a visa to Russia.

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