Crag Lough

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Crag Lough
Milecastle 39 on Hadrian's Wall.jpg
Milecastle 39 on Hadrian's Wall,
with Crag Lough in the distance
Crag Lough is located in Northumberland
Crag Lough
Crag Lough
GroupRoman Wall Loughs
Coordinates55°00′22″N 2°21′58″W / 55.006°N 2.366°W / 55.006; -2.366 (Crag Lough)Coordinates: 55°00′22″N 2°21′58″W / 55.006°N 2.366°W / 55.006; -2.366 (Crag Lough)
TypeNatural freshwater lake
Basin countriesEngland
Max. length1,970 feet (600 m)
Max. width425 feet (130 m)
Crag Lough from the east.jpg

Crag Lough is an inland lake at the southern edge of Northumberland National Park, 2.5 miles (4.0 km) north of Bardon Mill, and 0.5 miles (0.8 km) north of the B6318 Military Road in Northumberland, northern England. At this point Hadrian's Wall is at the top of a line of crags with Crag Lough at the foot of the crags.[1][2][3]


The etymology of Crag Lough is linked to the Cumbric word luch, meaning 'lake' (c.f. Welsh lwch, Scottish Gaelic loch).[4] The 'Crag' element is probably from a word equivalent to Welsh graig, 'cliff'.

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