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Armenian police in the capital Yerevan.

Crime in Armenia is multi-dimensional. It includes murder, tax evasion, corruption, extortion, money laundering, police brutality, organized crime, and clan or gang violence.

In 2018 22,551 cases were recorded, 11.2% more than in 2017.[1]

In 2017 there were 20,284 criminal cases registered in Armenia, up from 18,764 in 2016.[2]

Crime by type[edit]


In 2018 with 38 cases Armenia recorded the lowest murder rate in 38–40 years.[3]

In 2017 there were 49 cases of murder in Armenia (about 1.6 per 100,000 population), down from 66 in 2016.[2] Total of 409 persons died because of various criminal cases (down from 424 in 2016), including 202 cases of death because of crime leading to road accident.[2]

In 2012, Armenia had a murder rate of 1.8 per 100,000 population.[4] There were a total of 54 murders in Armenia in 2012.[4]

Organized crime[edit]

Organized crime permeates the Armenian economy. In Yerevan there are organized, criminal clans known as "akhperutyuns" (Armenian: ախբերություն, or brotherhoods). They assert their power through their position and connections. The various factions sometimes battle for rights over their "turf". Members are guided by the underworld laws brought from Russian prisons.[5]


In 2017, 634 corruption related criminal cases were registered, which led to criminal prosecutions of 376 persons.[2]

The United Nations Development Programme in Armenia views corruption in Armenia as "a serious challenge to its development".[6]

Domestic violence[edit]

A 2008 study by Amnesty International stated that more than a quarter of women in Armenia "have faced physical violence at the hands of husbands or other family members."[7] Since reporting domestic violence is heavily stigmatized in Armenian society, many of these women have no choice but to remain in abusive situations.[7]

Environment protection[edit]

In 2017, there were 885 cases of breaches of legislation on environment protection leading to total 3346 million AMD compensation demands.[2]

By location[edit]

In 2017 there were 10219 criminal cases registered in Yerevan representing about half of all 20284 criminal cases in Armenia in 2017.[2]

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