Criminal Investigation Department (Bangladesh)

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Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
অপরাধ তদন্ত বিভাগ
Agency overview
HeadquartersMalibagh, Dhaka
Agency executive
  • Barrister Mahbubur Rahman, Additional IGP
Parent agencyBangladesh Police

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID)[1] is a specialized intelligence and investigation wing of the Bangladesh Police.[2] It carries out investigations into crimes, including terrorism, murders and organized crime. It also gives forensic support. It is headquartered in Malibagh, Dhaka and maintains a training school named the Detective Training School. Personnel attached to this wing essentially work in plain clothes. Barrister Mahbubur Rahman is the chief of the Criminal Investigation Department.[3]


Since passage of Act V of 1861, whereby the police system of British India got streamlined, there were proposals at regular intervals to form a specialized detective wing. It was not until the Police Commission of 1902-03, which recommended the formation of a Criminal Investigation Department for each of the provinces, that the concept was seriously studied.

The Commission recommended that a Criminal Investigation Department (CID) should be constituted in each province under a Deputy Inspector General of Police, for the purpose of collating and distributing information regarding organised crimes. It would supervise the Railway Police and the Finger Print Bureau, which had earlier been under the Secretariat Police Officer. The CID would handle the investigation of specialised crimes requiring technical expertise. Finally on 21 March 1905, the Government of India accepted the Commission's recommendation issued instructions to establish a CID in every province by 1907. In Bengal the CID was first directed by C.W.C. Plowden, beginning 1 April 1906.

In 2009, the Criminal Investigation Department in Chittagong received a advance forensic lab facility.[4]

Notable cases[edit]


On 25 November 2017, 11 members of the Criminal Investigation Department were found to have taken 4.5 million taka from recruiting agents by an investigation of the police headquarters. The investigation was started following complaints by the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies.[9]


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