Cross della Vallagarina

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Cross della Vallagarina
The race is held in the valley around the city of Rovereto
LocationVilla Lagarina - Rovereto, Italy
Event typeCross country
Distance9 km for men
5.3 km for women
Official siteCross della Vallagarina
Participants50 (2020)
44 (2019)

The Cross della Vallagarina is an annual cross country running competition that is held in mid-January in Rovereto, Italy. The competition derives its name from the Vallagarina valley in which the city is located. It was first held in 1978 following the success of local runner Cristina Tomasini at the 1977 IAAF World Cross Country Championships.[1] She was the inaugural winner of the Cross della Vallagarina, which was unusual in being a women's competition only – the men's race was added later in 1981.[2][3]

The Cross della Vallagarina is part of the European Athletics permit meeting series,[4] and has also previously been part of the Italian national circuit.[5] It hosted the Italian Cross Country Championships in 2005 and 2007.[6] The race is organised by the local sports club U.S. Quercia Rovereto, which also hosts the city's annual track and field meeting (Palio Città della Quercia) and Giro Podistico di Rovereto road race.[3]

The current elite men's and women's races are held over 8.8 km and 5.5 km, respectively. The women's competition in 1978 began as a contest over 5 km and has remained roughly this distance throughout its history, except for a brief period where it was extended from 2005 to 2007. The men's race started as an 8 km event, but it has been mostly between 9–10 km for the majority of editions.[2] The competition's looped course features a number of uphill and downhill sections along the valley's edge, making it a difficult race for some athletes.[7][8][9] In addition to the elite level races, there are also several races for fun runners and amateurs, ranging from youth competitions to races for masters athletes.[10]

Past winners of the event include some of Italy's most successful runners, including Olympic marathon champion Gelindo Bordin, 1987 World Champion Francesco Panetta, Gabriella Dorio (Olympic gold medallist in the 1500 m) and two-time 5000 m global medallist Roberta Brunet. Foreign winners of the event include multiple European Cross champion Serhiy Lebid, world steeplechase champions Wilson Boit Kipketer and Dorcus Inzikuru, and World Half Marathon champion Wilson Kiprop.[11]

Past senior race winners[edit]

Multiple European champion Serhiy Lebid had back-to-back wins in 2003–04.
Rita Jeptoo, the 2006 winner, also won the Boston Marathon that year.

Key:   National championship race

Edition Year Men's winner Time (m:s) Women's winner Time (m:s)
1st 1978 Not held  Cristina Tomasini (ITA) 17:37.0
2nd 1979  Agnese Possamai (ITA) ?
3rd 1980  Cristina Tomasini (ITA) 16:08.5
4th 1981  Albert Rungger (ITA) 25:25.1  Agnese Possamai (ITA) 15:14.5
5th 1982  Gelindo Bordin (ITA) 25:32  Cristina Tomasini (ITA) 16:16.5
6th 1983  Mariano Scartezzini (ITA) 26:39.5  Gabriella Dorio (ITA) 17:10.6
7th 1984  Sergio Pesavento (ITA) 25:59.2  Wilma Rusman (NED) 16:10.0
8th 1985  Gelindo Bordin (ITA) 25:36.2  Wilma Rusman (NED) 16:43.0
9th 1986  Gianni Demadonna (ITA) 25:24.0  Maria Curatolo (ITA) 15:35.0
10th 1987  Francesco Panetta (ITA) ?  Flavia Furlan (ITA) ?
11th 1988  Marco Gozzano (ITA) 28:07.5  Rosanna Munerotto (ITA) 15:42.9
12th 1989  Francesco Panetta (ITA) 27:54.9  Maria Curatolo (ITA) 15:04.9
13th 1990  Francesco Panetta (ITA) 28:25.9  Nadia Dandolo (ITA) 15:46.7
14th 1991  Stephenson Nyamu (KEN) 27:41.0  Nives Curti (ITA) 15:18.0
15th 1992  Jonah Koech (KEN) 28:28.9  Nadia Dandolo (ITA) 15:40.9
16th 1993  Francesco Panetta (ITA) 28:04.6  Valentina Tauceri (ITA) 16:02.3
17th 1994  Richard Kosgei (KEN) 29:10  Roberta Brunet (ITA) 16:14
18th 1995  Umberto Pusterla (ITA) 29:18  Cristina Misaros (ROM) 16:26
19th 1996  Angelo Carosi (ITA) 28:37  Florence Barsosio (KEN) 15:40
20th 1997  Mark Bett (KEN) 28:22  Nadia Dandolo (ITA) 15:22
21st 1998  Umberto Pusterla (ITA) 28:43  Elisa Rea (ITA) 15:48
22nd 1999  Wilson Kipketer (KEN) 27:38  Sabrina Varrone (ITA) 15:02
23rd 2000  Paul Kosgei (KEN) 28:00.1  Valentina Tauceri (ITA) 15:47.3
24th 2001  Paul Kosgei (KEN) 27:57.3  Merima Denboba (ETH) 15:04.3
25th 2002  David Makori (KEN) 29:58.1  Rita Jeptoo (KEN) 17:29.5
26th 2003  Serhiy Lebid (UKR) 26:44.4  Dorcus Inzikuru (UGA) 5:27.0
27th 2004  Serhiy Lebid (UKR) 29:24.3  Anikó Kálovics (HUN) 19:02.7
28th 2005  Maurizio Leone (ITA) 35:52  Patrizia Tisi (ITA) 27:07
29th 2006  Eliud Kirui (KEN) 28:37.1  Priscah Cherono (KEN) 22:02
30th 2007  Giuliano Battocletti (ITA) 30:44  Renate Rungger (ITA) 27:07
31st 2008  Wilson Kiprop (KEN) 26:11.5  Catherine Kurui (KEN) 19:26.3
32nd 2009  Wilson Kiprop (KEN) 25:25.1  Federica Dal Ri (ITA) 19:17.1
33rd 2010  Lema Abera (ETH) 25:52  Asmerawork Bekele (ETH) 18:37
34th 2011  Thomas Longosiwa (KEN) 26:06.6  Birtukan Fente (ETH) 18:58.4
35th 2012  Kinde Atanau (ETH) 25:27  Afera Godfay (ETH) 19:16
36th 2013  Muktar Edris (ETH) 26:43  Silvia La Barbera (ITA) 22:44
37th 2014  Robert Ndiwa (KEN) 27:00  Linah Cheruto (KEN) 21:40
38th 2015  Andrew Kwemoi (KEN) 27:07  Silvia La Barbera (ITA) 22:48
39th 2016  Rodgers Maiyo (KEN) 26:39  Alemitu Hawi (ETH) 21:35
40th 2017  Robert Ndiwa (KEN) 27:21  Sara Dossena (ITA) 22:24
41st 2018  Telahun Bekele (ETH) 26:58  Norah Jeruto (KEN) 21:05
42nd 2019  Telahun Bekele (ETH) 26:12  Moira Stewartová (CZE) 22:41
43rd 2020  Cesare Maestri (ITA) 28:01  Moira Stewartová (CZE) 18:27

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