Cueto, Cuba

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Near Marcané
Near Marcané
Cueto municipality (red) within Holguín Province (yellow) and Cuba
Cueto municipality (red) within
Holguín Province (yellow) and Cuba
Coordinates: 20°38′53″N 75°55′54″W / 20.64806°N 75.93167°W / 20.64806; -75.93167Coordinates: 20°38′53″N 75°55′54″W / 20.64806°N 75.93167°W / 20.64806; -75.93167
 • Total326 km2 (126 sq mi)
55 m (180 ft)
 • Total34,503
 • Density105.8/km2 (274/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Area code(s)+53-24

Cueto is a municipality and town in the Holguín Province of Cuba.


The municipality is located southwest of its province, next to the border with Santiago de Cuba Province. It borders with the municipalities of Báguanos, Mayarí, Mella and Urbano Noris (San Germán). In addition to Cueto itself, the municipal territory includes the villages of Alto Cedro, Barajagua, Birán,[3][4][5] Marcané, and other minor localities.[4]

Birán, best known as the birthplace of Fidel, Raúl and Ramón Castro, was part of the neighboring municipality of Mayarí until the 1976 reform.[6]


In 2004, the municipality of Cueto had a population of 34,503.[2] With a total area of 326 km2 (126 sq mi),[1] it has a population density of 105.8/km2 (274/sq mi). The Town of Cueto, as of the 2017 census, had a registered population of 15,111 living in just over 11,000 homes.

Popular culture[edit]

The name of the town, along with its municipal villages of Alto Cedro and Marcané, figures in the song of the 1940s, "Voy para Mayarí" ("I'm going to Mayarí") by Compay Segundo, and in his song from the Buena Vista Social Club, "Chan Chan".

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