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Location of Eswatini
Homemade beef biltong, a type of cured meat that originated in South Africa

The cuisine of Eswatini is largely determined by the seasons and the geographical region. Staple foods in Eswatini include sorghum and maize,[1] often served with goat meat, a very popular livestock there.[2] The farming industry mainly depends on sugar cane, tobacco, rice, corn, peanuts, and the exportation of goat meat and beef. Many Swazis are subsistence farmers who supplement their diet with food bought from markets.

Freshwater produce and imports from coastal nations are also part of the cuisine of Eswatini .[3] Some local markets have food stalls with traditional Swazi meat stew, maize meal and seasonal roasted corn on the cob.[3]

Traditional foods[edit]

Various types of beans
Thick porridge normally served with meat or vegetables
Sour porridge made of fermented cornmeal
Fresh milk cooked and mixed with cornmeal
Siphuphe setindlubu
Thick porridge made of mashed ground nuts
Emasi etinkhobe temmbila
Ground corn mixed with sour milk
Emasi emabele
Ground sorghum mixed with sour milk
Porridge made of pumpkin mixed with cornmeal
Dried uncooked meat (biltong)
Siphuphe semabhontjisi
Thick porridge made of mashed beans
Boiled whole maize
Umbidvo wetintsanga
Cooked pumpkin tops (leaves) mixed with ground nuts
meal drink made from fermented thin porridge
Traditional brewed beer in Siswati is called 'Tjwala'

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