Dacian fortress of Bănița

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Dacian fortress of Bănița
Dacian fortress of Bănița is located in Romania
Dacian fortress of Bănița
Shown within Romania
LocationPiatra Cetăţii, Cetatea de pe Dealul Bolii,​ Bănița,​ Hunedoara,​ Romania
Coordinates45°26′53″N 23°16′00″E / 45.4480°N 23.2666°E / 45.4480; 23.2666Coordinates: 45°26′53″N 23°16′00″E / 45.4480°N 23.2666°E / 45.4480; 23.2666
Altitude902[1] m (2,959 ft)
EventsTrajan's Dacian Wars
Site notes
Reference no.906
Reference no.HD-I-s-B-03156 [2]

Dacian fortress of Bănița is one of the six Dacian Fortresses of the Orăștie Mountains, in Romania. Together with the other Dacian fortresses in the area, it was designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.


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