Delta A

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Delta A
Thor Delta A with Explorer 14 (Oct. 2, 1962).gif
Delta A launching Explorer 14
FunctionExpendable launch system
Country of originUnited States
Launch history
Launch sitesCape Canaveral LC-17
Total launches2
First flight2 October 1962
Last flight27 October 1962

The Delta A, or Thor-Delta A was an American expendable launch system used to launch two Explorer spacecraft in October 1962. A derivative of the Thor-Delta, it was a member of the Delta family of rockets. The Thor-Delta itself was a Thor booster with an Able second stage and Altair third stage.[1][2]

The first stage was a Thor missile in the DM-21 configuration, and the second stage was the Delta-A, an uprated version of the original Delta. An Altair solid rocket motor was used as a third stage. Both launches occurred from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 17B, and were successful. The first launched Explorer 14, and the second Explorer 15.


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