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Dessauer is a German surname meaning "from Dessau". Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alois Dessauer, (born Aron Baruch Dessauer; 1763–1850), German banker, manufacturer
  • Ferdinand Dessauer (also Dessoir, 1836–1892), German actor (son of Leopold)
  • Friedrich Dessauer (1881–1963), biophysician, philosopher (brother of Hans))
  • Gabriel Dessauer (born 1955), German cantor, concert organist and academic (son of Guido)
  • Guido Dessauer (1915–2012), German coloured paper manufacturer, art collector and academic (son of Hans)
  • Hans Dessauer (1869–1926), German coloured paper manufacturer and politician (son of Philipp)
  • Herbert C. Dessauer (1921–2013), American biochemist
  • John H. Dessauer (1905–1993), German born American chemical engineer (son of Hans)
  • Josef Dessauer (1798–1876), Bohemian-German composer
  • Julies Dessauer (1832–1883), Hungarian rabbi and writer
  • Leopold Dessauer, (1810–1874), Polish-German actor, known during his stage career as "Ludwig Dessoir"
  • Philipp Dessauer, (1837–1900), German industrialist (father of Hans)
  • Leopold I, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau was known by the nickname "the old Dessauer".
  • Andrew Dessauer, (1980-present). Spiritual leader of the Dessauerians.

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