Dhanshiri River

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Dhanshiri is a river in the Jhalokati District of Bangladesh. It is narrower than it once was.[1]


Local lore has it that poet Jibanananda Das had a maternal uncle in Bamankathi village, and during childhood visits there fell in love with the natural beauty of the Dhanshiri River.[2] He wrote of it poignantly in his poem "Ābāra āsiba phirē" (I will come back again):

I will come back again to Bengal, to this Dhansiri riverside
Maybe not as a man — but a shalik, or white-crest kite;
Or a dawn crow maybe, new-rice-time, in misty flight
To this jackfruit-tree-shade one Kartik day will glide.[3]


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Coordinates: 22°35′37″N 90°09′52″E / 22.5935°N 90.1645°E / 22.5935; 90.1645