Dingbats of Danger Street

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Dingbats of Danger Street
The Dingbats of Danger Street from 1st Issue Special #6, art by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearance1st Issue Special #6
(September 1975)
Created byJack Kirby
In-story information
Member(s)Good Looks

The Dingbats of Danger Street are a fictional comic book gang of kids published by DC Comics. The Dingbats debuted in 1st Issue Special #6 (September 1975), and were created by Jack Kirby.

Publication history[edit]

According to inker Mike Royer, The Dingbats of Danger Street was developed as a new series, but the series was cancelled and the first issue repurposed as an issue of 1st Issue Special.[1] In this issue the Dingbats (at least partly by accident) stop the villains Jumpin' Jack and the Gasser with the help of Lieutenant Terry Mullins.[2] Kirby drew two further issues which were not scripted or inked.[citation needed]

The Dingbats reappear in The Adventures of Superman, one of a number of Kirby homages by Karl Kesel. They first appear in brief cameos, but are subsequently seen in full in The Adventures of Superman #549, in which they compete with the Newsboy Legion for a disused theatre.[3] Kesel explained that he was a fan of the Newsboy Legion, and brought in the other two boy groups as a counterpoint to the Newsboys, since all three were created by Joe Simon and/or Jack Kirby. He added, "As much as I love Kirby's work overall, I can't say I have any special fondness for the Dingbats - they served their story purpose as a counterpoint to the Newsboys, but it wasn't like I was hoping we'd get a Dingbats mini out of their appearance."[1]

The group makes a cameo in the final issue of Batman: The Brave and the Bold as Bat-Mite is upset at the comic's cancellation and states several missed crossover opportunities including the Dingbats.[4]


  • Good Looks - an average looking kid, the group's leader.
  • Krunch - a large red headed boy whose eyes were always hidden by his long hair, the muscle.
  • Non-Fat - a skinny boy in a wool hat with a hot dog. Mike Royer has confirmed that, as his facial features and a few lines of dialogue suggest, Non-Fat was meant to be African-American but was mis-colored as a Caucasian.[1]
  • Bananas - a boy who was considered to be crazy. The visual model for Bananas was a caricatured Mike Royer.[1]


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