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Voices ofBenjamin Beck
Dana Donlan
Nils Haaland
Ian Eli Lee
Moira Mangiameli
Vincent Michael
Kelcey Watson
Theme music composerRon Wasserman
Composer(s)Ron Wasserman
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes26
Executive producer(s)Andy Heyward
Michael Maliani
Editor(s)Robert Brousseau
Jo Martin
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)DIC Entertainment Corporation
DistributorDIC Entertainment
Original networkCBS (KEWLopolis)
Picture formatNTSC / 480i
Audio formatStereo
Original releaseNovember 3, 2007 –
December 6, 2008

DinoSquad is an American animated television series that was produced by DIC Entertainment Corporation and aired on the KEWLopolis block on CBS from November 3, 2007[1][2] - December 6, 2008.

The show was about five teenagers, each with the power to turn into a respective dinosaur. They use this power to fight the villainous Victor Veloci, who is intent on returning the world to the age of dinosaurs by turning humans and animals into new mutant dinosaurs and accelerating global warming.

This show, along with Sushi Pack, were the final two series produced by DIC before their acquisition with Cookie Jar Entertainment.

Show summary[edit]

Five teenagers, Rodger, Max, Caruso, Fiona and Buzz, gain the power to turn into dinosaurs by getting covered in ooze that mutated their DNA on a school field trip to the tide pools when they were rescuing Rump. With the help of their mysterious science teacher, Ms. Moynihan (who is an anthropomorphic Velociraptor), they learn to use their unique abilities to protect the planet from Victor Veloci. Victor is widely known as the head of company Raptor Dyne, but is also a 65-million-year-old anthropomorphic Velociraptor. His secret identity is unknown to everyone except himself and the audience. His true plan is to turn everyone into dinosaurs and increase the climate to that of the Mesozoic era with the goal of returning the world to how it was when dinosaurs ruled and tries capturing them in their dinosaur forms, not knowing they are humans. However, his plans always backfired and thus the return to the age of the dinosaurs was never meant to be. Dino Squad is set in Kittery Point, Maine. Season 2 episodes began airing online on August 4, 2008 before airing on CBS on September 13, 2008.

Dino Squad members[edit]

  • Ms. Moynihan (Joanne Moynihan) - A science teacher who is a Velociraptor that survived extinction and gained a human form. She can communicate telepathically with the teens.
  • Max (Rolf Maxwell) - A hunky 18-year-old high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. He is the team leader and captain of the football team. His Dino form is a Tyrannosaurus (although it has three fingers, unlike the real Tyrannosaurus which had two). Max is voiced by Ian Eli Lee.
  • Caruso (Erwin Caruso) - A handsome high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. He is vain and obsessed with the idea of fame, as well as his "good looks". He can be a pain sometimes though as his selfishness and arrogance hurt the team. Though he did prove himself worthy to the squad in episode 23. In that same episode he is revealed to have created his own line of moisturizers. He also practices yoga. His Dino form is a Stegosaurus (although his dino form has five tail spikes, teeth and no beak, unlike the real Stegosaurus). Caruso is voiced by Benjamin Beck.
  • Fiona (Fiona Flagstaff) - Another high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. She is the only girl on the Squad (with the exception of Ms. Moynihan), and has a penchant for fast things like rollerblades or race cars. What grosses out Fiona entices Buzz (spiders, insects, etc.). She is allergic to spider bites, as revealed in "Never Judge a Dinosaur by its cover". Fiona is the squad's resident mechanic and gear head, and is also a tomboy. Max and Buzz may have a crush on her, but she doesn't seem to notice. Her Dino form is a Spinosaurus. Fiona has a little sister called Terri. Fiona is voiced by Dana Donlan.
  • Rodger (Rodger Blair) - Another high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. He is very smart and has a prankster streak. He is able to come up with gadgets even though his creations sometimes fail. Is somewhat arrogant like Caruso but helps the team when duty calls. He has a little brother named Mikey. His Dino form is a Styracosaurus (albeit with three horns, making it look more like a Triceratops). Roger is voiced by Kelcey Watson.
  • Buzz (Neil Buzmati) - Another high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. He is 17, then turned 18. He is the youngest member. He's the "punk" kid, who is scared of his own shadow. Several times throughout the series, he also shows affection for small creatures traditionally considered "gross", such as rats, snakes, cockroaches, and spiders. Buzz is anything but a coward when he is needed in action. His alternate form, a Pteranodon, is one of the two non-dinosaurs in the Dino Squad.
  • Rump - The Dino Squad's mischievous pet bull terrier. He can transform himself into a strange animal that looks like a hybrid between a pig and a horse. The Dino Squad has not yet determined the species of dinosaur his "dino form" is supposed to be (although since Ms. Moynihan never "taught" him how to control his transformations as she did the kids, it's likely his dino form is mostly canine and it bears a resemblance to a Gorgonopsid or even an Andrewsarchus). Rump usually gives Caruso a hard time from when he took his jacket in "The Beginning" as a stray dog, up until the episode "Runaway Ugly" when he ate Caruso's cupcake.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Terri - Fiona's brainy little sister. At first she is jealous of Fiona. She appears in 3 episodes (A Mole Lotta Trouble, Wannabe, and Never Judge a Dinosaur by its Cover). Although she may be as intellectual as Roger, she has also exercised substandard judgment. Terri is voiced by Sarah Heinke.

Raptor Dyne[edit]

  • Victor Veloci - The main antagonist of the series and a business magnate who owns Raptor Dyne. He wants to revert Earth back to the way it was millions of years ago in order to facilitate the return of dinosaurs as the dominant species on the planet. He also wants to capture the Dino Squad members as dinosaurs not knowing they are actually humans. His dino form is a Velociraptor. He and Ms. Moynihan were the only survivors of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.
  • Henchman - There are many henchmen who work for Raptor Dyne. They wear helmets with faceplates as part of their uniform. In episode 23, Caruso dresses up as one to fake out Veloci's real henchmen.

List of Dino Squad episodes[edit]

Season 1: 2007–2008[edit]

NO. # Title Airdate
1 1 "The Beginning" November 3, 2007
2 2 "Growth Potential" November 5, 2007
3 3 "Tangled Web" November 10, 2007
4 4 "T-Rex Formation" November 12, 2007
5 5 "Who Let the Dog Out" November 19, 2007
6 6 "Bully 4 U" November 23, 2007
7 7 "The Lost Worldwide Web" November 27, 2007
8 8 "Headline Nuisance" December 11, 2007
9 9 "Who'll Stop the Rain" December 15, 2007
10 10 "Zoom in on Zoom" December 30, 2007
11 11 "A Mole Lotta Trouble" January 20, 2008
12 12 "The Not so Great Outdoors" April 15, 2008
13 13 "Pet Peeve" May 20, 2008

Season 2: 2008[edit]

NO. # Title Airdate
14 1 "The World According to Liam" September 30, 2008
15 2 "Runaway Ugly" October 6, 2008
16 3 "Attack of the Brain-A-Saurus" October 14, 2008
17 4 "Wannabe" October 21, 2008
18 5 "Fire and Ice" November 14, 2008
19 6 "Never Judge a Dinosaur by its Cover" November 17, 2008
20 7 "Easy Riders and Raging Dinos" November 18, 2008
21 8 "One Percent Inspiration" November 19, 2008
22 9 "Howa Loa Can you Goa?" November 20, 2008
23 10 "Scents and Scents Ability" November 21, 2008
24 11 "I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't" November 22, 2008
25 12 "Perseverance" November 29, 2008
26 13 "The Trojan Dinosaur" December 6, 2008

Broadcast history[edit]

The series originally aired on CBS on the KEWLopolis block until being removed during the blocks rebranding to Cookie Jar TV in 2009.

The series later reaired on the Syndicated Cookie Jar Kids Network block[3], and on This TV's Cookie Jar Toons block from 2011 until the block's end in 2013.

The series was also available to stream on Netflix from September 2014 until January 1, 2018, and is currently available to stream through Kid Genius and CONtv.


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