2020 Dominican Republic general election

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2020 Dominican Republic presidential election

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President before election

Danilo Medina

Elected President


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General elections will be held in the Dominican Republic on 17 May 2020 to elect a president, vice-president, 32 senators and 190 deputies.[1] If no presidential candidate wins in the first round of voting, there will be a run-off on 28 June.

Incumbent President Danilo Medina is ineligible to stand for re-election, having served two consecutive terms since 2012.

Electoral system[edit]

The President of the Dominican Republic is elected using the two-round system; if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, a second-round runoff will be held between the two candidates with the highest votes on first round.

The 32 members of the Senate are elected from the 31 provinces and the Distrito Nacional using first-past-the-post voting.[2]

The 190 members of the Chamber of Deputies are elected in three groups; 178 are elected by proportional representation from 32 multi-member constituencies based on the 31 provinces and the Distrito Nacional, with the number of seats based on the population of each province. A further seven members are elected by proportional representation by Dominican expatriates in 3 overseas constituencies , and five seats are allocated at the national level to parties that received at least 1% of the vote nationally, giving preference to those that did not win any of the 178 constituency seats.[3]

The 20 seats in the Central American Parliament are elected by proportional representation.

Presidential nominations[edit]

Political parties must present their candidates by 22 August 2019. So far, the candidates that have presented interest in participating are:[4]

Dominican Liberation Party (PLD)[5]
Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM)[5]
Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC)[5]
Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD)[5]
Frente Amplio[5]
  • Juan Hubieres
Alianza País[5]
Pais Posible[5]


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