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Donald Auberon Bullough (13 June 1928 – 26 June 2002) was a British historian who taught and published on the cultural and political history of Italy, England and Carolingian France during the early Middle Ages. He was the brother of mathematician Robin Bullough (d. 2008). He was successively Professor of Medieval History and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at University of St Andrews, Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Edinburgh, Professor of Medieval History at the University of Nottingham (1966-1973) and again Professor of Medieval History at St Andrews (1973-1991). He was made Corresponding Fellow of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica in 1983.

A collection of essays under the title Early Medieval Rome and the Christian West: Essays in Honour of Donald A. Bullough, edited by Julia Smith, was published in 2000.

Donald A. Bullough died of cancer in 2002. In honour of his academic achievements, the Institute of Mediaeval Studies at the University of St Andrews created the Donald Bullough Fellowship For A Mediaeval Historian.[1]

Selected publications[edit]

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