Drama in the Futurists' Cabaret No. 13

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Drama in the Futurists' Cabaret No. 13
Drama v kabare futuristov No. 13.jpg
One of the surviving frames; the man is Vsevolod Maksimovich and the woman is N. Elsner[1]
Russian: Драма в кабаре футуристов № 13
Directed byVladimir Kasyanov and/or Mikhail Larionov
CinematographyAlphonse Winkler[2]
Country Russian Empire

Drama in the Futurists' Cabaret No. 13 (Russian: Драма в кабаре футуристов № 13) is a 1914 Russian silent film directed by either Vladimir Kasyanov[3] or Mikhail Larionov.[1] It is probably the world's first avant-garde film.[1][4]


The plot of the movie is unknown, despite the fact that this film is only partially lost: just a few frames have survived.



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