Dread (album)

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Living colour dread cover.jpg
Live album by
RecordedOn Tour in 1993
GenreFunk metal, heavy metal
Living Colour chronology

Dread is a live album by Living Colour released only in Japan in 1994. It contains live recordings from the Stain tour, an acoustic radio session and two B-sides. The live recordings were recorded on 7 June 1993 at Le Zenith in Paris, France and at a concert on 24 April 1993 at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago. The radio session was recorded for a Dutch radio show called Countdown Café in February 1993. Both of the B-sides were recorded during the Stain sessions.

Track listing[edit]

1."Leave It Alone" (Live in Paris 1993)3:38
2."Time's Up" (Live in Paris 1993)3:36
3."Go Away" (Live in Paris 1993)4:01
4."Funny Vibe" (Live in Chicago 1993)4:46
5."Ausländer" (Live in Paris 1993)5:21
6."Middle Man" (Live in Chicago 1993)3:41
7."Cult of Personality" (Live in Paris 1993)4:44
8."Nothingness" (Live in Chicago 1993)4:11
9."Postman" (Live in Chicago 1993)3:34
10."This Little Pig" (Live in Chicago 1993)5:24
11."Never Satisfied" (Dutch Radio Session 1993)4:20
12."Love Rears Its Ugly Head" (Dutch Radio Session 1993)4:17
13."Open Letter (To a Landlord)" (Dutch Radio Session 1993)6:13
14."Nothingness" (Dutch Radio Session 1993)3:28
15."17 Days"3:00
16."TV News"4:14