Duma Polska

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Duma Polska = Polish Pride
LeaderJohn Zylinski
FoundedFebruary 2018
Minority rights
Local government
0 / 20,270

Duma Polska = Polish Pride, also known as Duma Polska or Polish Pride, is a political party in the United Kingdom.[1] It seeks to represent European Union citizens on a pro-European platform.[2] Its leader and founder is John Zylinski, a Polish aristocrat.[3]


The party was set up by Polish aristocrat Jan Zylinski in February 2018. In the May 2018 local elections, the party fielded 48 candidates across 16 London boroughs.[4] The party aimed to win over Polish voters and other minorities dissatisfied with Brexit and eurosceptics,[5] however it did not win any seats.[citation needed]

Election results[edit]

In the 2018 local elections in London, the party received 6,983 votes (approximately 0.1%) and no seats.


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