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Kota Dumai
Other transcription(s)
 • Chinese杜迈
 • Jawiدوماي
Ramayana Department Store in Dumai
Ramayana Department Store in Dumai
Official seal of Dumai
Location within Riau
Location within Riau
Dumai is located in Sumatra
Location in Sumatra and Indonesia
Dumai is located in Indonesia
Dumai (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 1°40′0″N 101°27′0″E / 1.66667°N 101.45000°E / 1.66667; 101.45000Coordinates: 1°40′0″N 101°27′0″E / 1.66667°N 101.45000°E / 1.66667; 101.45000
Country Indonesia
ProvinceCoat of arms of Riau.svg Riau
 • MayorZulkifli A.S.
 • Vice MayorEko Suharjo
 • Total2,039.35 km2 (787.40 sq mi)
 • Total316,668[1]
 • Density155.3/km2 (402/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (Indonesia Western Time)
Area code(+62) 765

Dumai (Jawi: دوماي‎, Chinese: 杜迈), is a city in Riau province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. The city has an area of 2,039.35 km² and has 316,668 inhabitants in 2014.[2] Dumai has a domestic airport, that is Pinang Kampai Airport. Dumai is an important transport and trade centre, both regionally and internationally, especially to Malaysia. Dumai is rich in oil (petroleum and palm oil).[3]


Dumai is a city in Riau province, Indonesia, about 188 km from Pekanbaru. Currently Dumai City is the second largest city in the province of Riau, but earlier it was a small hamlet on the east coast of Riau Province. It was inaugurated as a city on 20 April 1999, by Law no. 16 of year 1999, having previously had a town administrative (kotif) in Bengkalis Regency. At its inception, the City only consisted of 3 districts, 13 villages and 9 villages with a population of just 15,699 people with density 83.85/km2[citation needed].


The city is divided into seven districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with the villages (Kelurahan) into which those districts are subdivided:


Macro-economic indicators of the gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) Dumai increasing each year since 2000-2005 is a picture of the success of the development of economy in Dumai. To support the increase in GDP that heavy economic development point of Dumai is to maintain the dominance of construction on industrial sectors, trade, transport and buildings in addition to paying attention to the agricultural sector as a producer of industrial raw materials. Economic growth rate rapidly has also provided job opportunities for people on social welfare so that the Dumai increases.

Obstacles faced in addition to capital issues is the Status of land still touted ex HPH. Four subdistricts in Dumai District of Sungai Sembilan, Medang Kampai, lime and Western Damai is an area that has the potential of land resources for the development of agribusiness and agro-industries with appropriate technology engineering byocyclo such as rice farming, crops, vegetables, bananas, pineapples Sumatra, durian, mango, rambutan, Palm, cattle (cows, goats, ducks and chickens) as well as the cultivation of farmed freshwater fish (catfish, carp, carp and ornamental fish). more on the produce of the district the river nine to forward is Palm, banana, and crops. Currently the town River nine new basilam village in particular is very deficient means of infra-structures for the construction of the road. Especially the main road construction kaplingan up to the junction with the durian.



There are several transportation modes in Pekanbaru such as Taxi, Bus, Oplet (Share taxi), Bajaj (Auto rickshaw) and Ojek (Motorcycle taxi). For land transport, Dumai is connected to Duri, Padang, Medan, Jambi, Pekanbaru and other cities and regions in Riau Province and Sumatra Island by the existence of bus services (Terminal AKAP).


Dumai Port (Pelabuhan Dumai) is located in Dumai, connecting Dumai with regions in Riau Province and other destinations in Indonesia and the World. This port is a major port in Riau.


Pinang Kampai Airport is a domestic airport that serves daily flights to/from several cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Pekanbaru, Medan, Batam, etc.[4]


The Great Mosque of AL Mannan

Dumai is situated on the waterfront has the potential of tourism development such as nature tourism, culture and shopping. Several area attractions including conservation areas in district Nine, forest River in district of Western and Eastern Damai Damai, Prosperous Gulf Coast region in district and Lake Kampai Phoebe Flowers of seven in Eastern Damai. As the main gate to enter the Riau Mainland, some tourists have repeatedly visited the Dumai, especially those that like to visit Malacca. Dumai is very easily accessible due to good transportation connections. There are some interesting sights on the way to Dumai, such as the Sakai tribe, tropical forests along the River, and water colour is unique as the color of tea. Moreover, it also can be seen hundreds of bobbing oil who raised the pipe from the bowels of the Earth. Ramayana shopping center on General Sudirman street was opened in 2007. At night, a variety of Indonesian food is sold along Ombak street. Dumai has some interesting places to be visit,[5] among others:[6]

  • Teluk Makmur Beach
  • Putri Tujuh Grave (Makam Putri Tujuh)
  • Seascape of Dumai
  • The Great Mosque of Al-Badar (Masjid Raya Al-Badar)
  • Bunga Tujuh Lake
  • Pelintung Cave (Goa Pelintung)
  • Forest Tour of Dumai
  • The Great Mosque of Dumai (Masjid Raya Dumai)
  • Pawang Leon Grave (Makam Pawang Leon)
  • Siti of Sea Grave (Makam Siti Laut)
  • The Great Mosque of Al-Mannan (Masjid Raya Al-Mannan)
  • Magic Footprint Tiger (Tapak Harimau Sakti)
  • Tepak Sirih Monument (Tugu Tepak Sirih)

Sister Cities[edit]

Sister Cities Country
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