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The East South Central states constitute one of the nine Census Bureau Divisions of the United States.

A map of the United States Census Bureau Region 3, Division 6, "East South Central", consisting of the states of Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Four states make up the division: Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The division is one of three that together make up the larger Census Bureau Region known as the South (the other two of which are the South Atlantic states and the West South Central states).

The East South Central States form the core of Old Dixie,[citation needed] one of the nine moral regions identified by James Patterson and Peter Kim in their acclaimed 1991 geopolitical best-seller, The Day America Told The Truth.


As of 2010, the East South Central states had a combined population of 18,022,810. The East South Central region covers 183,401 square miles of land.

States in the East South Central Region
State 2010 Census Land Area
Alabama 4,833,722 52,419
Kentucky 4,395,295 40,409
Mississippi 2,984,926 48,430
Tennessee 6,495,978 42,143
Top Ten Largest Cities by Population in the East South Central Region
City 2010 Pop.
1 Memphis, Tennessee 653,450
2 Nashville, Tennessee 634,464
3 Louisville, Kentucky 609,893
4 Lexington, Kentucky 308,428
5 Birmingham, Alabama 212,113
6 Montgomery, Alabama 201,332
7 Mobile, Alabama 194,899
8 Huntsville, Alabama 186,254
9 Knoxville, Tennessee 183,270
10 Jackson, Mississippi 173,744

Politics in the East South Central states[edit]

Nonpartisan Democratic-Republican Democratic National Republican Whig Constitutional Union Republican Dixiecrat American Independent
  • Bold denotes election winner.
Presidential electoral votes in the East South Central States since 1792
Year Alabama Kentucky Mississippi Tennessee
1792 No election Washington No election No election
1796 No election Jefferson No election Jefferson
1800 No election Jefferson No election Jefferson
1804 No election Jefferson No election Jefferson
1808 No election Madison No election Madison
1812 No election Madison No election Madison
1816 No election Monroe No election Monroe
1820 Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe
1824 Jackson Clay Jackson Jackson
1828 Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson
1832 Jackson Clay Jackson Jackson
1836 Van Buren Harrison Van Buren White
1840 Van Buren Harrison Harrison Harrison
1844 Polk Clay Polk Clay
1848 Cass Taylor Cass Taylor
1852 Pierce Scott Pierce Scott
1856 Buchanan Buchanan Buchanan Buchanan
1860 Breckinridge Bell Breckinridge Bell
1864 No election McClellan No election Lincoln
1868 Grant Seymour No election Grant
1872 Grant Hendricks Grant Hendricks
1876 Tilden Tilden Tilden Tilden
1880 Hancock Hancock Hancock Hancock
1884 Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland
1888 Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland
1892 Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland
1896 Bryan McKinley Bryan Bryan
1900 Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan
1904 Parker Parker Parker Parker
1908 Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan
1912 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson
1916 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson
1920 Cox Cox Cox Harding
1924 Davis Coolidge Davis Davis
1928 Smith Hoover Smith Hoover
1932 Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt
1936 Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt
1940 Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt
1944 Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt
1948 Thurmond Truman Thurmond Truman
1952 Stevenson Stevenson Stevenson Eisenhower
1956 Stevenson Eisenhower Stevenson Eisenhower
1960 Byrd Nixon Byrd Nixon
1964 Goldwater Johnson Goldwater Johnson
1968 Wallace Nixon Wallace Nixon
1972 Nixon Nixon Nixon Nixon
1976 Carter Carter Carter Carter
1980 Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan
1984 Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan
1988 Bush Bush Bush Bush
1992 Bush Clinton Bush Clinton
1996 Dole Clinton Dole Clinton
2000 Bush Bush Bush Bush
2004 Bush Bush Bush Bush
2008 McCain McCain McCain McCain
2012 Romney Romney Romney Romney
2016 Trump Trump Trump Trump
Year Alabama Kentucky Mississippi Tennessee

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