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The Eastern Macedonia Army Section (Greek: Τμήμα Στρατιάς Ανατολικής Μακεδονίας, ΤΣΑΜ; Tmima Stratias Anatolikis Makedonias, TSAM) was a field army of the Hellenic Army in World War II. It faced the initial German attack on Greece during the Battle of the Metaxas Line, and was forced to capitulate after four days of fighting on 9 April 1941.


Pre-war Greek planning focused on a possible conflict with Bulgaria in Macedonia and Western Thrace. For the defence of eastern Macedonia, the plans foresaw the creation of a Kavala Army Section (Τμήμα Στρατιάς Καβάλας), headquartered at Kavala and composed of a Group of Divisions (Ομάς Μεραρχιών) in the Axios River area, comprising 6th and 17th Infantry Divisions and the Hellenic Army's sole Cavalry Division, as well as of the IV Army Corps (7th and 14th Divisions, 7th and 14th Brigades) in the area of Kavala.[1]

Following the Italian attack on Greece on 28 October 1940, Kavala Army Section was mobilized, under the command of Lt. General Markos Drakos, but was renamed as the Eastern Macedonia Army Section in early November.[2]



Chiefs of staff[edit]



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