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ParentSpartanNash (Since 2013)

Econofoods is a chain of grocery stores located in the US in Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and North Dakota.[1][2] Econofoods is owned by SpartanNash, and is one of several supermarket brands operated by the company.[3] All Econofoods stores in Michigan and two in Wisconsin are owned by T & C Markets of Brillion, WI. All Econofoods locations in South Dakota have closed.[citation needed]

Econofoods stores are generally full service stores - with a pharmacy, bakery, video rental, floral services, deliveries, and on-site banking facilities. A loyalty card provides discounts on purchases.[citation needed]

Econofoods also has three liquor stores. Two in Wahpeton, ND; Econo Wine and Spirits and Chuck's Offsale. As well as one liquor store in Breckenridge MN.


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