2007 Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly election

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Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly election, 2007

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All 130 seats in the Constituent Assembly
  Majority party Minority party
  Rafaelcorrea08122006.jpg Lucio Gutiérrez.jpg
Leader Rafael Correa Lucio Gutiérrez
Party PAIS Alliance PSP
Leader since 2006 2000
Seats won 80 19
Percentage 64.5% 7.2%

  Third party Fourth party
  Álvaro Noboa.jpg León Febres Cordero.jpg
Leader Álvaro Noboa León Febres Cordero
Leader since 2002 1984
Seats won 8 5
Percentage 6.6% 4.2%

Asamblea Nacional Costituyente de Ecuador de 2007 (composición).svg

Legislator before election

León Febres Cordero

Resulting Legislator

Alberto Acosta
PAIS Alliance

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On 30 September 2007 an election for a Constituent Assembly was held in Ecuador following the referendum on this issue successfully held on 15 April 2007. 130 delegates were elected: 24 members from national lists, 100 representing the provinces and six for emigrants living outside Ecuador.[1]

The extraordinarily large number of candidates and lists (26 national lists, 428 provincial lists, 44 emigrant lists) caused the election to be the most complex in Ecuador's history.[1] Although polls indicated that Correa's PAIS Alliance would win a plurality in the election, but not a majority,[2] PAIS won a landslide victory, winning at least 72 of the 130 seats, giving the party the power to dismiss Congress and make the substantial constitutional reforms for which Correa has been calling.[3] PAIS won all six foreign seats.[4]

The Constituent Assembly was to be set up on 31 October 2007, and from then it will have six months (with a possible extension of two months) to draft a new constitution, which will then have to be ratified in a referendum.[2] However, the installation of the Assembly was delayed to 29 November 2007[3] due to delays in the official proclamation of the final result.

Note that some of the provincial seats were won by coalitions of parties running separately on the national slate; due to different distributions of these joint Assembly members, reports on the number of seats won by each party may vary from source to source.

e • d Summary of the 30 September 2007 Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly national election results
Parties Votes
% Seats
National Provincial Abroad TOTAL
PAIS Alliance (Alianza PAIS) 75,998,710 64.5 15 59 6 80
January 21 Patriotic Society Party (Partido Sociedad Patriótica 21 de Enero) 8,467,063 7.2 2 17 19
Institutional Renewal Party of National Action (Partido Renovador Institucional de Acción Nacional) 7,772,157 6.6 2 6 8
Social Christian Party (Partido Social Cristiano) 4,957,516 4.2 1 4 5
Ethics and Democracy Network (Red Ética y Democracia) 3,188,226 2.7 1 2 3
Democratic People's Movement (Movimiento Popular Democrático) 2,211,098 1.9 1 3 4
A New Option (Una Nueva Opción) 1,851,436 1.6 1 1 2
Movement for National Honesty (Movimiento Honradez Nacional) 1,296,877 1.1 1 1
PS-FAMUPP-NP Alliance (Alianza PS-FA–MUPP-NP) 1,082,644 0.9 4 4
Ecuadorian Roldosist Party (Partido Roldosista Ecuatoriano) 1,058,487 0.9 1 1
Movement Ecuador's Force (Movimiento Fuerza Ecuador) 959,855 0.8
National Democratic Coalition (Concertación Nacional Democrática) 874,075 0.7
ID–Citizen's Power Movement Alliance (Alianza ID/MPC) 863,460 0.7 2 2
Freedom Party (Partido Libertad) 834,589 0.7
National Agreement (Acuerdo Nacional) 816,490 0.7
Christian Democratic Union (Unión Demócrata Cristiana) 707,110 0.6
Independent Movement Democratic Pole](Movimiento Independiente Polo Democrático) 683,667 0.6
Independent Movement of Committed Seculars (Movimiento Independiente Laicos Comprometidos) 657,840 0.6
Christian Civic Compromise with the Community C4 (Compromiso Cívico Cristiano con la Comunidad C4) 645,627 0.5
Ecuadorian White Movement for the Vindication of the Poor (Movimient Blanco Ecuatoriano por la Reivindicación de los Pobres) 602,187 0.5
MCSXXI/MAE/MTF Alliance (Alianza MCSXXI/MAE/MTF) 601,848 0.5
National Reconciliation (Conciliación Nacional) 441,089 0.4
National Movement for Social Reconciliation (Movimiento Nacional por la Conciliación Social) 423,518 0.4
Independent Just and Solidary Movement (Movimiento Independiente Justo y Solidario) 329,320 0.3
Thousandfold Victory (Triunfo Mil) 277,569 0.2
Social Integration and Transformation(Integración y Transformación Social) 250,341 0.2
Citizens' Independent Movement Future Already(Movimiento Ciudadano Independiente Futuro Ya; only contested provincial elections) 1 1
Valid (turnout 73.2%) 117,852,799 100.00 24 100 6 130
Invalid 665,776
Blank 429,120
Total 9,371,232
Source: CNE