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Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann (6 March 1923 – 5 August 2017)[1] was a Dutch and American art historian and writer.


Born in Naarden, he spent most of his childhood in Siberia where his father worked as an engineer.[2] Returning, via Morocco, to the Netherlands in the late 1930s, he finished his gymnasium high school in Dordrecht and initially studied law, but soon art history in Amsterdam and Utrecht.[2] In the early 50s he was curator of drawings and later paintings at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. He completed his PhD with a monograph on Willem Buytewech in December 1958 with Jan Gerrit van Gelder at Utrecht University.[3][4] He emigrated to the United States in 1959 at the age of 36.[5]

He was a Professor of art history at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU and Yale University.[5]

His notable students included Ronni Baer, Alan Chong, Stephanie Dickey, Wayne Franits, Thomas Krens, Otto Naumann, Nanette Salomon, Joaneath Spicer and Peter C. Sutton.[5]

He has received the Guggenheim Fellowship. He has also been a distinguished member of the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton.[6][7]


Most of his books have been published by the Yale University Press.[8]

His notable books are:[9]

  • Creative Copies: Interpretative Drawings from Michelangelo to Picasso
  • European Drawings and Watercolours in the Yale University Art Gallery, 1500-1900: Volume II - Plates
  • Rembrandt, the Nightwatch
  • Art And Autoradiography: Insights Into The Genesis Of Paintings By Rembrandt, Van Dyck And Vermeer
  • The Robert Lehman Collection
  • The Robert Lehman Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Further reading[edit]

  • Anne-Marie S. Logan (ed.): Essays in northern European art: presented to Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann on his sixtieth birthday. Davaco, Doornspijk 1983.


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