El Camino Memorial Park

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El Camino Memorial Park
CountryUnited States
Size220-acre (0.89 km2)
Sorrento Valley, San Diego, CA, USA - panoramio

El Camino Memorial Park cemetery is located at 5600 Carroll Canyon Road in the Sorrento Valley neighborhood of San Diego. Founded in 1960,[1] El Camino is a 220-acre (0.89 km2) memorial park and is the final resting site for Jonas Salk (founder of the polio vaccine and the renowned Salk Institute), as well as several members of the well-known Kroc family (humanitarians, philanthropist, former owners of San Diego Padres baseball team, as well as Ray Kroc's position as C.E.O of McDonald's fast food chain). There are many other prominent citizens from the greater San Diego and Los Angeles area as well.[2][3]

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Coordinates: 32°53′35″N 117°11′15″W / 32.8931°N 117.1876°W / 32.8931; -117.1876