El pueblo soy yo

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El pueblo soy yo
El pueblo soy yo poster.png
Release poster
Directed byCarlos Oteyza [es]
Produced byEnrique Krauze
Release date
11 October 2018[1]

El pueblo soy yo (transl. I am the people) is a 2018 documentary film directed by Venezuelan filmmaker Carlos Oteyza [es] and produced by Mexican historian Enrique Krauze. The film explores Hugo Chávez presidency the control mechanisms of populism, that according to Oteyza it does not only imply a wealth redistribution, but also the existence of a charismatic leader that divides society, establishes a communicational hegemony and takes over the institutions. Oteyza explains that the documentary is not a balance of the situation in Venezuela, because it is a process that has not ended.[2]


The documentary was nominated in the 34th Guadalajara International Film Festival for the feature film documentary category.[3][4]


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