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The Dalecarlian alphabet consists of 32 letters, 25 derived from the Swedish alphabet, and seven additional letters: vowels with an ogonek diacritic, denoting nasality: (Ąą, Ęę, Įį, Ųų, Y̨y̨, and Ą̊ą̊) as well as the consonant Ðð (eð), denoting voiced dental fricative, as 'th' in 'father'. The letters Cc, Qq, Xx and Zz are only used in names and foreign words. The alphabet is used for the Elfdalian language and for other Dalecarlian dialects.


Elfdalian alphabet
Upper case A Ą B D Ð E Ę F G H I Į J K L M N O P R S T U Ų V W Y Å Ą̊ Ä Ö
Lower case a ą b d ð e ę f g h i į j k l m n o p r s t u ų v w y å ą̊ ä ö

All except Ą̊ and ą̊ are available as characters in the Unicode standard. Ą̊ and ą̊ can be produced by Ą or ą and a combining mark "Ring Above" (U+030A)


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