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The following is a list of endemic bird areas of the world, as defined by Birdlife International - see main article (Endemic Bird Area).

North and Central America[edit]

EBA Number Earlier unique code(s) Name
001 A01 California
002 A03 Baja California
003 A02 Guadalupe Island
004 A10 Socorro Island
005 A05 North-west Mexican Pacific slope
006 A04 Sierra Madre Occidental and trans-Mexican range
007 A08 Central Mexican marshes
008 A11 (part), A27 Balsas region and interior Oaxaca
009 A12 Sierra Madre del Sur
010 A06 Northern Sierra Madre Oriental
011 A07 North-east Mexican Gulf slope
012 A11 (part) Southern Sierra Madre Oriental
013 A30 Los Tuxtlas and Uxpanapa
014 A13 Isthmus of Tehuantepec
015 A09 (part) Yucatán Peninsula coastal scrub
016 A09 (part), A29 Cozumel Island
017 A15 North Central American Pacific slope
018 A14 North Central American highlands
019 A16 Central American Caribbean slope
020 A18 Costa Rica and Panama highlands
021 A17 South Central American Pacific slope
022 A21 Cocos Island
023 A19 Darién lowlands
024 A20 Darién highlands
025 A22 (part) Cuba
026 A22 (part), A28 Bahamas
027 A23 Jamaica
028 A24 Hispaniola
029 A25 Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
030 A26 Lesser Antilles

South America[edit]

EBA Number Earlier unique code(s) Name
031 B16 Galápagos Islands
032 B03 Caripe - Paria region
033 B04 Cordillera de la Costa Central
034 B06 Cordillera de Mérida
035 B07 Caribbean Colombia and Venezuela
036 B08 Santa Marta mountains
037 B09 Nechí lowlands
038 B10 Colombia East Andes
039 B13 Colombian inter-Andean valleys
040 B12 Colombian inter-Andean slopes
041 B14, B15 Chocó
042 B17 (part) Northern Central Andes
043 B17 (part), B21 (part), B60 Central Andean páramo
044 B18 Ecuador-Peru East Andes
045 B20, B26 Tumbesian region
046 B21 (part) Southern Central Andes
047 B24 Andean ridge-top forests
048 B22 Marañón valley
049 B25 Northeast Peruvian cordilleras
050 B28 Junín puna
051 B27, B31 Peruvian high Andes
052 B32 Peru-Chile Pacific slope
053 B29 Peruvian East Andean foothills
054 B34 (part) Bolivian and Peruvian lower yungas
055 B33 Bolivian and Peruvian upper yungas
056 B35, B37 High Andes of Bolivia and Argentina
057 B34 (part), B57 Argentine and south Bolivian yungas
058 B39 Sierras Centrales of Argentina
059 B40 Juan Fernández Islands
060 B41 (part) Central Chile (Chilean matorral)
061 B41 (part), B58 Chilean temperate forests (Valdivian temperate forests)
062 B42 Southern Patagonia
063 B56 Rio Branco gallery forest
064 B02 Tepuis
065 B11 Orinoco-Negro white-sand forests (Rio Negro campinarana)
066 B19, B23 Upper Amazon-Napo forests
067 B43 Amazon flooded forests
068 B30 South-east Peruvian lowlands
069 B45 Fernando de Noronha
070 B46 North-east Brazilian caatinga
071 B47 Atlantic slope of Alagoas and Pernambuco (Pernambuco coastal forests)
072 B48 Deciduous forests of Bahia
073 B50 Central Brazilian hills and tablelands
074 B49 Deciduous forests of Minas Gerais and Goiás
075 B51, B52 Atlantic forest lowlands
076 B53, B54 Atlantic forest mountains
077 B55 Argentine Mesopotamian grasslands

Africa, Europe and the Middle East[edit]

EBA Number Earlier unique code(s) Name
078 C02 Cape Verde Islands
079 C09 (part) Tristan Islands
080 C09 (part), C47 Gough Island
081 C48 Annobón
082 C07 São Tomé
083 C06 Príncipe
084 C03 Upper Guinea forests
085 C05 Cameroon and Gabon lowlands
086 C04 Cameroon mountains
087 C08 Western Angola
088 C29 Cape fynbos
089 C46 South African forests
090 C44 Lesotho Highlands
091 C28 South African grasslands
092 C27 South-east African coast
093 C34 West Malagasy dry forests
094 C35 East Malagasy wet forests
095 C36 East Malagasy wetlands
096 C37 West Malagasy wetlands
097 C38 South Malagasy spiny forests
098 C32, C33 Comoro Islands
099 C31 Aldabra
100 C30 Granitic Seychelles
101 C39 Réunion
102 C40 Mauritius
103 C41 Rodrigues
104 C26 Eastern Zimbabwe mountains
105 C24 Tanzania - Malawi mountains
106 C20 Albertine Rift Mountains
107 C19 Eastern Zaïre lowlands
108 C22 Serengeti plains
109 C21 Kenyan mountains
110 C45 Pemba
111 C23 East African coastal forests
112 C18 Central Somali coast
113 C43 Jubba and Shabeelle valleys
114 C17 South Ethiopian highlands
115 C16 Central Ethiopian highlands
116 C15 North Somali mountains
117 C14 Socotra
118 C13 South-west Arabian mountains
119 C12 Mesopotamian marshes
120 C01 Madeira and the Canary Islands
121 C11 Cyprus
122 C10 Caucasus

Continental Asia[edit]

EBA Number Earlier unique code(s) Name
123 Western Ghats
124 c2 Sri Lanka
125 Andaman Islands
126 Nicobar Islands
127 Taklimakan Desert
128 Western Himalayas
129 Central Himalayas
130 Eastern Himalayas
131 Assam plains
132 Irrawaddy plains
133 Southern Tibet
134 Eastern Tibet
135 Qinghai mountains
136 Shanxi mountains
137 Central Sichuan mountains
138 West Sichuan mountains
139 Yunnan mountains
140 Chinese subtropical forests
141 South-east Chinese mountains
142 Hainan
143 Annamese lowlands
144 South Vietnamese lowlands
145 Da Lat Plateau
146 Izu Islands
147 Ogasawara Islands
148 Nansei Shoto
149 Taiwan

South-east Asian islands, New Guinea and Australia[edit]

EBA Number Earlier unique code(s) Name
150 Mindoro
151 Luzon
152 Negros and Panay
153 Cebu
154 Mindanao and the Eastern Visayas
155 Sulu archipelago
156 Palawan
157 Bornean mountains
158 Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia
159 Enggano
160 Java and Bali forests
161 Javan coastal zone
162 Northern Nusa Tenggara
163 Sumba
164 Timor and Wetar
165 Banda Sea islands
166 Sulawesi
167 Sangihe and Talaud
168 Banggai and Sula Islands
169 Buru
170 Seram
171 Northern Maluku
172 West Papuan lowlands
173 West Papuan highlands
174 Geelvink Islands
175 North Papuan mountains
176 North Papuan lowlands
177 Adelbert and Huon ranges
178 Central Papuan mountains
179 South Papuan lowlands
180 Trans-Fly
181 Cape York
182 Queensland wet tropics
183 Eastern Australia
184 South-east Australia
185 Tasmania
186 Southwest Australia
187 North West Australia
188 Christmas Island

Pacific Ocean islands[edit]

EBA Number Earlier unique code(s) Name
189 Mariana Islands
190 Palau
191 Yap Islands
192 East Caroline Islands
193 Admiralty Islands
194 St Matthias Islands
195 New Britain and New Ireland
196 D'Entrecasteaux and Trobriand Islands
197 Louisiade archipelago
198 Solomon group
199 Rennell and Bellona
200 Vanuatu and Temotu
201 New Caledonia
202 Fiji
203 Samoan Islands
204 Lord Howe Island
205 Norfolk Island
206 North Island of New Zealand
207 South Island of New Zealand
208 Auckland Islands
209 Chatham Islands
210 Southern Cook Islands
211 Rimatara
212 Marquesas Islands
213 Society Islands
214 Tuamotu archipelago
215 Henderson Island
216 Laysan Island
217 Central Hawaiian Islands
218 Hawai'i

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The lists of EBAs above, and all associated data, are sourced from information presented in this work