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EnviroMission (ASXEVM) is an Australian company. It has, since 2001, proposed to build a solar updraft tower power generating station known as Solar Tower Buronga in western New South Wales at a site 25 km northeast of Mildura. As of 12 February 2007, EnviroMission claimed to be conducting feasibility studies to build a tower or towers in Texas.[1] None of these projects have progressed beyond the planning stage.[2]

In 2008 the company merged with US-based SolarMission Technologies, Inc.[3]

EnviroMission has begun moving forward to build two 200 MW solar updraft towers in Arizona.[4] In October 2010, they received approval from the Southern California Public Power Authority to sell electricity generated from the facilities.[5] EnviroMission lost a deal with the Southern California Public Power Authority after EnviroMission was unable to guarantee a completion date of their solar tower. As of 2014, construction had not begun.[6]

Since April 2016, the company has been delisted by the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Shareholder updates are few and far between.[7]

EnviroMission Solar Tower[edit]


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