Essex Agricultural and Technical High School

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Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical High School
Essex Agricultural School, Danvers MA.jpg
Smith Hall, Essex Agricultural and Technical High School
562 Maple Street


United States
Coordinates42°35′25″N 70°58′40″W / 42.5902°N 70.9779°W / 42.5902; -70.9779Coordinates: 42°35′25″N 70°58′40″W / 42.5902°N 70.9779°W / 42.5902; -70.9779
School typeAgricultural and Technical High School
Staff(as of 2007–08)[1]
Teaching staff43.9 (FTE) (as of 2007-08)[2]
Enrollment1392 (as of 2017–18)[2]
Student to teacher ratio10.2 (as of 2007–08)[2]
Campus size166 acres
Color(s)green and blue
Athletics conferenceCommonwealth League
NicknameEssex Tech
Team namethe Hawks
NewspaperThe Aggie Times
Budget$24,240,751 total
$19,693 per pupil

Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School (ENSATS) is an agricultural and technical high school located in Hathorne section of Danvers, Massachusetts, United States. Opening in September of 2014, Essex Technical High School succeeded North Shore Technical High School in Middleton, Massachusetts, Essex Agricultural High School in Danvers, Massachusetts, and the vocational programs at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School.

On Thursday, March 15, 2018, the School Committee voted to change the name of the school from Essex Technical High School to Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School (ENSATS). The decision was made after many key stakeholders weighed in; including parents, students, state representatives, and other community members.

The school was home to over 400 high school students.

There were 3 departments; Animal Science, Plant Science and Environmental Science. Students participate in hands-on learning using school-owned farm animals and farm equipment. The school is home to heavy machinery, many plants and various animals including horses, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, cows, snakes, and exotic birds.


The Aggie requires the basic four parts of curriculum: math, science, history, and literature also allows for three different agricultural fields which students will choose after a brief trial. All students take MCAS testing, Certification of Occupational Proficiency as well as testing for higher education. The school uses an eight-day calendar with academic class on four days and agricultural on the others. Students also have physical education for all four years and a career exploration class offered by the guidance department.


Essex Aggie was founded in 1913 on land the County of Essex purchased and established the "Essex Agricultural School". The farm was called Maplewood. At one time land was owned by John Putnam, son of the emigrant. Since then it has expanded. In 2014, it merged with North Shore Technical High School due to financial issues, and so they could expand by having more up to date and refined facilities and working areas. [5]


Academic classes meet every other 5 day "cycle" at the Aggie. Each year you will have five core academic classes which meet for 75 minutes each, including English, mathematics, history and a science. Beginning in the freshman year there is an honors level offering for each course in addition to the middle and basic levels of the courses offered. (as of 2011)[6]


Biology I, Biology II, Chemistry, Chemical Science, Physics, Environmental Issues


American History I, American History II, World History Post 1850, International Relations, Global Studies


Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Algebra II with Trigonometry, Calculus


American Lit I, American Lit II, World Lit I, Modern World Lit


The Agricultural aspects of the Aggie are divided into three fields: Plant Science, Animal Science and Environmental Science. Plant Science and Animal Science are also divided further into specific fields.

Plant Science:

Greenhouse and Garden Center Management which prepare students for a field as a florist, floral designer, and an operator at either a greenhouse or garden center. Students work at an on campus greenhouse and take part in two flower sales every year one in December and the other in Spring.

Landscape/Arbor which focuses on construction allowing students learn basic auto maintenance, landscape design and construction and operation of machinery including lawnmowers, Bobcat skid loaders and tractors. It also focuses on the arbor field such as logger and allows students to maintain and operate chainsaws as well as climb trees and take trees down.

Natural Resources/Park Management which focuses on forestry, trail design and maintenance.

Animal Science:

Veterinary Technology and Equine Science focuses on the equine field and allows students to work with a dozen horses on campus.

Veterinary Technology and Research Animal Management which focuses on as well as prepares students for a field as a veterinary technician.

Companion animal and pet shop manager which focuses on preparing students for a field in animal care.

Environmental Technology

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Student groups and activities at Essex Agricultural and Technical High School include Aggie Awareness Club, art club, drama club, environmental club, equestrian club, National Technical Honor Society, natural health and wellness club, newspaper, outing club, peer leaders, tech club, and yearbook.

FFA is a component of Essex Agricultural that is very prominent, with 100% membership for all of its students. There are various CDE's in the focus areas that students compete in and go to state and national conventions.

The school's athletic teams, known as the Essex Tech Hawks, compete in the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Commonwealth League. Teams are fielded in baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, football, lacrosse, soccer, softball, and volleyball.


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