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The European 10,000m Cup is an annual 10,000 metres race for European athletes which was first held in 1997. The competition is organised by the European Athletics Association and first began as the European 10000 Metres Challenge (European 10,000m Challenge till 2005 edition),[1] after the event was removed from the European Cup programme. The competition has roots in the Iberian 10,000 metres Championships – a competition between Spanish and Portuguese athletes that was held between 1991 and 1996 – and the first five editions of the European 10000 Metres Challenge were held in the Iberian Peninsula. The event was first held under its current title in 2005.[2] From 2018, the event has been held as the climax of the Night of 10k PB's event at Parliament Hill, London.


Edition Year Host city Host country Date No. of athletes
1st 1997 Barakaldo  Spain 5 April
2nd 1998 Lisbon  Portugal 4 April
3rd 1999 Barakaldo  Spain 10 April
4th 2000 Lisbon  Portugal 1 April
5th 2001 Barakaldo  Spain 7 April
6th 2002 Camaiore  Italy 6 April
7th 2003 Athens  Greece 12 April
8th 2004 Maribor  Slovenia 3 April
9th 2005 Barakaldo  Spain 2 April
10th 2006 Antalya  Turkey 15 April
11th 2007 Ferrara  Italy 7 April
12th 2008 Istanbul  Turkey 12 April
13th 2009 Ribeira Brava  Portugal 6 June
14th 2010 Marseilles  France 5 June
15th 2011 Oslo  Norway 4 June 45 men, 33 women
16th 2012 Bilbao  Spain 3 June 46 men, 41 women
17th 2013 Pravets  Bulgaria 8 June 31 men, 30 women
18th 2014 Skopje  Republic of Macedonia 7 June 43 men, 41 women
19th 2015 Cagliari  Italy 6 June 41 men, 36 women
20th 2016 Mersin  Turkey 5 June 25 men, 23 women
21st 2017 Minsk  Belarus 10 June 33 men, 40 women
22nd 2018 London  United Kingdom 19 May
23rd 2019 London  United Kingdom 6 July
2020 Postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[3]
24th 2021 London  United Kingdom 5 June


Year Men Women
Individual Team Individual Team
1997  Dieter Baumann (GER)  Portugal  Julia Vaquero (ESP)  Portugal
1998  Fabián Roncero (ESP)  Portugal  Fernanda Ribeiro (POR)  Portugal
1999  Alberto García (ESP)  Spain  Paula Radcliffe (GBR)  Portugal
2000  Enrique Molina (ESP)  Spain  Fatima Yvelain (FRA)  Portugal
2001  José Ríos (ESP)  Spain  Paula Radcliffe (GBR)  Spain
2002  Dieter Baumann (GER)  Italy  Mihaela Botezan (ROM)  Portugal
2003  Ismaïl Sghyr (FRA)  Portugal  Fernanda Ribeiro (POR)  Portugal
2004  José Manuel Martínez (ESP)  Spain  Margaret Maury (FRA)  France
2005  Juan Carlos de la Ossa (ESP)  Spain  Sabrina Mockenhaupt (GER)  Portugal
2006  Mokhtar Benhari (FRA)  France  Elvan Abeylegesse (TUR)  Belgium
2007[4]  André Pollmächer (GER)  Spain  Elvan Abeylegesse (TUR)  Spain
2008[5]  Selim Bayrak (TUR)  Russia  Elvan Abeylegesse (TUR)  Belarus
2009[6]  José Manuel Martínez (ESP)  Portugal  Inês Monteiro (POR)  Portugal
2010[7]  Mo Farah (GBR)  France  Inês Monteiro (POR)  Portugal
2011[8]  Yousef el Kalai (POR)  Spain  Sara Moreira (POR)  Italy
2012[9]  Polat Arıkan (TUR)  Spain  Sara Moreira (POR)  Great Britain
2013  Sergio Sánchez (ESP)  Italy  Sabrina Mockenhaupt (GER)  Spain
2014  Polat Arıkan (TUR)  Turkey  Clémence Calvin (FRA)  Portugal
2015  Polat Arıkan (TUR)  Italy  Trihas Gebre (ESP)  Great Britain
2016  Daniele Meucci (ITA)  Italy  Esma Aydemir (TUR)  Great Britain
2017  Antonio Abadía (ESP)  Spain  Sara Moreira (POR)  Belarus
2018  Richard Ringer (GER)  Spain  Lonah Chemtai (ISR)  Great Britain
2019  Yemaneberhan Crippa (ITA)  Italy  Stephanie Twell (GBR)  Great Britain


The competition record for men is 27:14.44, set in 1998 by Fabián Roncero from Spain.[10] The competition record for women is 30:21.67, set in 2006 by Elvan Abeylegesse from Turkey.[11]


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