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The European Dairy Association (EDA) is the voice of the milk processing industry (cooperative and private dairies) in the European Union. Its members are the national trade associations for dairy processors in the EU Member States. EDA’s headquarters are located in the Schuman area in Brussels. The legal status of EDA under Belgian law is association internationale sans but lucratif (AISBL).


The association was founded in 1995 by a merger of different dairy associations with ASSILEC,[1][2] the predecessor organisation of the European Dairy Association (EDA). Its founding members were the national dairy associations of the old EU-15 Member States. Since its foundation, the development of EDA has followed the further enlargement of the European Union and the deepening of EU policies. Today, the membership of EDA counts 22 national associations. In 2012, Michel Nalet (Lactalis, France) was appointed EDA Chair.[3]


EDA voices the priorities of the milk processing industry on an EU level. On behalf of and in close cooperation with its members (national dairy associations), the association acts and interacts with international and EU institutions, non-governmental organisations, the international media and other relevant stakeholders (Codex Alimentarius, WTO).[4]

EDA is registered in the European Transparency Register: 42967152383-63. Since the creation of the European Commission's Milk Market Observatory (MMO) on 16 April 2014, EDA has been appointed member of its Economic Board.[5] EDA Chair Michel Nalet (Lactalis, France) was elected Vice chair of EU Commission's Civil Dialogue Group on Milk[6] (DG Agriculture and Rural Development) on 19 November 2014 (reelected on 28 October 2016).[7]


Term of office President
1995-1998 Fin Christiansen (DK)
1998-1999 Luc Morelon (FR)
1999-2004 Robert Brzusczak (BE)
2004-2008 Veijo Merilainen (FI)
2008-2012 Werner Buck (NL)
2012-Today Michel Nalet (FR)

Secretary Generals

Term of office Secretary General
1995-2002 Antoon. J van de Ven (NL)
2002-2013 Johan Kleibeuker (NL)
2013-Today Alexander Anton[8] (FR/DE)


The membership of the European Dairy Association (EDA) is composed of the national dairy associations representing the national dairy processors (private companies and cooperatives). Its network covers 22 national dairy associations.

  • Austria: Vereinigung Osterreichischer Milchverarbeiter (VÖM)
  • Belgium: Confédération belge de l'industrie laitière (CBL)
  • Germany: Milchindustrie-Verband (MIV)
  • France: Association de la production laitière (ATLA)
  • Croatia: Association of Croatian Purchasers and Processors of Milk - CroMilk
  • Czech Republic: Czech Moravian
  • Denmark: Mejeriforeningen
  • Estonia: Eesti Piimaliit
  • Finland: Finnish Milk Processors and Dairy
  • Greece: SEVGAP (Hellenic Association of Milk and Dairy Products Industry)
  • Ireland: Irish Dairy Industries Association (IDIA)
  • Italy: ASSOLATTE
  • Latvia: Latvian Dairy Committee
  • Luxembourg: Association laitière Luxembourgeoise (A.L.L)
  • Netherlands: Nederlandse Zuivel Organisatie (NZO)
  • Poland: Zwiazek Polskich Przetworcow Mlka (ZPPM)
  • Portugal: Federaçao Nacional das Cooperativas de Productores de Leite (FENALAC)
  • Serbia: SERBIA.
  • Slovenia: Slovene Dairy association
  • Spain: Federacion National de Industrias Lacteas (FENIL)
  • Sweden: Federacion of Swedish Farmers
  • United Kingdom: Dairy UK

EDA is a member of the EU umbrella organisation FoodDrinkEurope.[9]

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