European Half Marathon Cup

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European Half Marathon Cup
GenreHalf Marathon competitions
Inaugurated2016 (2016)
Organised byEAA

The European Half Marathon Cup is a quadrennial team marathon competition between European countries held for the first time in 2016, incorporated in the half marathon events of the European Athletics Championships.[1]


Year Edition City Country Date Men Women
2016 1st Amsterdam  Netherlands 10 July details details
2020 2nd Paris  France TBD details details


In italic the participants whose result did not go into the team's total time, but awarded with medals.[2]


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2016 Switzerland Switzerland
Tadesse Abraham
Julien Lyon
Adrian Leman
Christian Kreienbühl
Marcel Bernie
Andreas Kempf
Spain Spain
Carles Castillejo
Jesús España
Ayad Lamdassem
Ivan Fernandez
Italy Italy
Daniele Meucci
Stefano La Rosa
Ruggero Pertile
Xavier Chevrier
Daniele D'Onofrio


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2016 Portugal Portugal
Sara Moreira
Jessica Augusto
Dulce Félix
Marisa Barros
Vanessa Fernandes
Italy Italy
Veronica Inglese
Anna Incerti
Rosaria Console
Laila Soufyane
Catherine Bertone
Turkey Turkey
Esma Aydemir
Sultan Haydar
Sevilay Eytemiş
Tubay Erdal
Yasemin Can
Meryem Erdoğan

All-time medal table[edit]

1 Portugal (POR)1001
  Switzerland (SUI)1001
3 Italy (ITA)0112
4 Spain (ESP)0101
5 Turkey (TUR)0011
Totals (5 nations)2226

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