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Stroitel Pripyat
Avangard Stadium in 2013
Full nameFootball Club Stroitel Pripyat
Dissolved1988; 33 years ago (1988)
GroundAvanhard Stadium,[1]
Pripyat, Ukraine
Coordinates51°24′37.4″N 30°03′17.7″E / 51.410389°N 30.054917°E / 51.410389; 30.054917Coordinates: 51°24′37.4″N 30°03′17.7″E / 51.410389°N 30.054917°E / 51.410389; 30.054917

FC Stroitel Pripyat (Ukrainian: Футбольний клуб «Будівельник» Прип'ять, Budivelnyk Pripyat) was a Soviet and Ukrainian football club (team) from Pripyat, Kyiv Oblast. Founded in the 1970s, it competed only at republican level competitions in Ukraine. Before the Chernobyl disaster the team was playing at a small stadium in Prypiat. In 1986 for it there was built new home ground the Avanhard Stadium (Ukrainian: Стадіон «Авангард»), at which the club never had a chance to play.


The team, whose name Stroitel means "builder", was founded in the middle of the 1970s with construction of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station along with the atomgrad Prypiat. The new club was mainly composed of players from the village of Chystohalivka, 4 km (2.5 mi) south of Prypiat. The team competed at competitions of district (raion) and region (oblast). In 1981, it entered the KFK competition of Ukrainian SSR.[2] Please note, at Soviet football league system such republican football competitions (KFK championship) in 1971–1989 were conditionally at fourth tier just below the USSR Championship Vtoraya Liga, yet republican competitions, particularly football KFK, were administered by all 15 union republics individually. Since 1978 every winner of the Ukrainian football competitions among KFK were gaining promotion and obtaining the status of teams of masters.

The highest achievement in competitions among KFK Stroitel obtained in 1985 placing second in its group. The team never qualified for the final stage of the competition. In 1981–1983, for three years in the row, Stroitel was awarded a title of the Kyiv Oblast championship champions.

Stroitel was preparing for a cup semi-final against FC Borodyanka on the day of the Chernobyl disaster, Saturday 26 April 1986.[3] When the city of Pripyat was abandoned after the disaster, the new city of Slavutych was founded near Chernihiv at the end of the same year to replace it. The football club was moved there, changing its name to FC Stroitel Slavutych in 1987. Its activities ceased after the end of 1988 season.[2]

League and cup history[edit]

Season Division Pos/Teams Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Notes
1981[2] 4th (Ukraine) 5/(11) 20 9 7 4 21 16 +5 25
1982[2] 8/(8) 14 2 4 8 6 17 −11 8
1983[2] 6/(8) 14 5 3 6 15 16 −1 13
1984[2] 6/(8) 14 3 4 7 16 23 −7 10
1985[2] 2/(8) 14 8 4 2 35 11 +24 20
1986[2] withdrew because of the Chernobyl accident
1987[2] 3/(9) 16 9 3 4 31 20 +11 21 [Note 1]
1988[2] 8/(12) 22 7 4 11 28 36 −8 18 [Note 1]
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