List of festivals and parades in Montreal

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Festivals of Montreal
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This is a list of festivals and parades in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This list includes festivals of diverse types, such as regional festivals, commerce festivals, fairs, food festivals, arts festivals, religious festivals, folk festivals, and recurring festivals on holidays.


Culture festivals[edit]

Film and stage festivals[edit]

Food festivals[edit]

Music festivals[edit]

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Pop culture festivals[edit]

Parades in Montreal[edit]

  • Montreal's St. Patrick's Day parade and the Irish in Quebec Montreal's is the oldest St. Patrick's Day Parade in Canada and one of the largest parades in Montreal.
  • Greek Independence Day Parade on Hutchison in Jean Talon, it happens right after the St. Patrick's Day Festival. First celebrated on March 25, 1821, this parade gathers numerous Greek schools such as Socrates, and Demostenes for example, and the church groups and the different provinces from Greece, such as the Ionian Islands, the Cyclades and many more. It's expressed as the day that Greece marks its independence from the Ottoman Empire.
  • Fête nationale du Québec parade
  • Canada Day Parade, celebrating Canada's birthday
  • Carifiesta Montreal, a Parade celebrating the Caribbean culture of Montreal
  • Twins Parade, a parade hosted by Just For Laughs Festival
  • Fierté Montréal, celebrating Montréal's LGBTQ+ community, every third sunday of August.
  • Santa Claus parade

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