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The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (FNCV) is an Australian natural history and conservation organisation. [1]

It was founded in May 1880 by a group of nature enthusiasts that included Thomas Pennington Lucas.[2] Charles French and Dudley Best.[3] It is the oldest conservation group in [Australia]. Since 1884 it has published a journal, The Victorian Naturalist, which is issued six times a year.

Currently there are eight special interest groups (SIGs) within the FNCV, these are Botany, Fauna Survey, Fungi, Geology, Juniors, Marine Research, Microscopy and Terrestrial Invertebrates. The club also has a Day Group.

The FNCV is situated at 1 Gardenia St, Blackburn, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. A range of services are available for members including a bookshop.

Since 1940 the FNCV has awarded the Australian Natural History Medallion to the person judged to have made the most meritorious contribution to the understanding of Australian Natural History.[4]


Past presidents include:

Regional groups[edit]

The FNCV has informal links to a number of regional field naturalist groups across Victoria, including:

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