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The Financier and Bullionist was a daily newspaper published in London. It focused on finance. The paper renamed Financier and Bullionist in 1900 was the result of the merger of two rival financial publications: The Financier and Daily Bullionist (founded as The Bullionist).


The Financier (1870-1900)[edit]

The Financier was established in 1870.[1]

The Bullionist / Daily Bullionist (1866-1900)[edit]

The Bullionist was established in 1866 and later renamed Daily Bullionist. In 1900, it merged with the rival The Financier.

After merger: Financier and Bullionist (1900-1924)[edit]

After the 1900 merger, the publication was renamed the Financier and Bullionist[2] and continued publication for 24 years as Financier and Bullionist, before merging in 1924 with the rival Financial News.[3]

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