Fist to Fist

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Fist to Fist
Fist to Fist 1973 Poster.jpg
Directed byJimmy L. Pascual
Produced byJimmy L. Pascual
Written byJimmy L. Pascual
StarringJackie Chan
Music byFu-ling Wang
Release date
Running time
85 Minutes (original)
70 Minutes (USA DVD)
CountryHong Kong

Fist to Fist (Chinese title: Chu ba, UK title: Dragons of Death) (Chinese: 除霸) is a 1973 martial arts film directed by Jimmy L. Pascual, with John Woo as an assistant director. It was released in the United States by The Cannon Group in September 1973, who re-edited it to a 70-minute runtime and released it under the title "Fist of the Double K", providing the film with a new English dubbed soundtrack.[1]


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