Flag of the Gambier Islands

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Flag of the Gambier Islands

The Flag of the Gambier Islands is the flag of the Gambier Islands of French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean administered by France.

In 1837, the seaman Armand Mauruc requested that King Maputeoa adopt a Gambier national flag to commence trade.[1]

The flag of the Gambier Islands is horizontally divided white-blue-white with five stars placed 2 (blue stars in the upper white stripe), 1 (white star in the middle blue stripe) and 2 (blue stars in the upper white stripe). The four blue stars in the corners represent the islands of Mangareva, Taravai, Aukena and Akamaru, and the central white star represents the small islet of Temoe which is isolated. The blue center strip represents the blue ocean and the white stands for purity and evangelization of the archipelago.[2]

On 4 December 1985 the Territorial Government issued a decree that the flags of the archipelagos and islands of French Polynesia may be flown next to the French Polynesian Territorial and French National flags.[citation needed]


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