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Captain Frans Jansen Bloetgoet (Anglicized to Francis Bloodgood) (c. 1623 - 29 December 1676) was a Netherlander who immigrated to Flushing, Queens, He is the ancestor of the American Bloodgood family.


Frans Janszen Bloetgoet was born around 1623.[1] He was the son of Jan Heyndrickse Goetbloet (or Bloetgoet) and Geertgen Thomas, both of Gouda, South Holland.[2] He was living on the Corten Tiendewech, Gouda when he married Lysbeth Jans, of Gouda on 18 February 1645 at Reeuwijk, near Gouda.[1]

The couple emigrated soon after their marriage.[1] They brought with them their child, Geertie when they emigrated to New Amsterdam in 1659.[3] Bloodgood was made secretary to the Colonies on the Delaware River in 1659. They moved to Flushing, and Bloodgood was appointed Schepen of Flushing in 1673.[4] Bloodgood had acquired land, sheep and cattle by the time of his death.[3] Frans Bloetgoet and his wife both belonged to the New York Dutch Church, and all but two of their children were baptized there.[5] On 24 May 1674 he was made chief officer of the Dutch militia of the settlements of Flushing, Hempstead, Jamaica and Newtown. He died on 29 December 1676. His widow married Wouter Gysberts of Hilversum three years later.[3]


Bloodgood's children were Geertie (1658), Adriana (1660), Isabella (1662), Judith (1665), William (1667), Neeltie (1670), John (1672) and Lysbeth (1675).[3] Their daughter Neeltje married Samuel Waldron of Harlem, New York on 5 March 1692.[6] In 1687 William Bloodgood was in Lieutenant Schuvler's troop. In 1703 he was elected vestryman for Jamaica parish, and in 1714 he was Justice of the Peace. Frans Bloodgood's descendants moved to Albany, New York, (some becoming wealthy people)[3] and New Jersey.

James Bloodgood, Frans Bloetgoet's grandson, was a merchant of Albany involved in the West Indian Trade. His son Francis Bloodgood (12 June 1775 - 5 March 1840) became Mayor of Albany.[7] The mayor's grandson Francis Bloodgood was a prominent lawyer, father of the surgeon Joseph Colt Bloodgood (1 November 1867 - 22 October 1935), a pioneer in breast cancer research and Wheeler Peckham Bloodgood (4 November 1871 - 17 December 1930), a lawyer active in anti-trust reforms.[8][9]

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