Galveias Palace

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Coordinates: 38°44′29.2″N 9°8′37.2″W / 38.741444°N 9.143667°W / 38.741444; -9.143667

Galveias Palace
Native name
Portuguese: Palácio Galveias
Palacio das Galveias.jpg
Galveias Palace
LocationLisbon, Portugal
Official name: Quinta do General e Respectivo Jardim
TypeProperty of Interest
Galveias Palace is located in Portugal
Galveias Palace
Location of Galveias Palace in Portugal

Galveias Palace (Portuguese: Palácio das Galveias) is a Portuguese palace located in Lisbon, Portugal, in Avenidas Novas freguesia.


The palace dates back to the mid-17th century, when it was built as a country house for the Marquis of Távora. In 1759, due to the Távora affair, the entire Távora family was executed and the palace was confiscated by the Crown.

The name of the palace comes from its acquisition, in 1801, by D. João de Almeida de Melo e Castro, 5th Count of Galveias.

In 1928, the palace came into possession of the Lisbon Municipal Chamber, who installed there one of the city's earliest municipal libraries.

The palace is famous for being a good example of a 17th-century Portuguese nobleman's house, with the typical "U" shaped layout.